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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Principal Forces 6-Year Old To Clean
Plugged Toilet With Bare Hands

From The Chapter 11-encased Minneapolis Red Star North Korean Tribune:

    Complaints from the parents of a kindergarten student that their son was forced to unclog a toilet with his bare hands resulted in proposed disciplinary action against an Eagan elementary school principal Thursday.

    Doug Steele, principal of Rahn Elementary, has been on paid leave since mid-December while the Burnsville-Eagan-Savage school district has investigated the complaint. On Thursday night, the school board passed a resolution proposing disciplinary action against Steele.

    Because of data practices law and union rules, district officials said they would not comment on the case or the nature of Steele's punishment until he exhausts all appeals.

    According to Elijah and Shannon Hannah, they filed the complaint in December after their 6-year-old son told them that Steele made him clean out the contents of a toilet bowl that the boy had accidentally clogged on Dec. 12. The boy, whom the Star Tribune is not naming because of his age, told them that he used a bathroom in his classroom and wiped himself with paper towels, which then clogged the toilet.

    The Hannahs said that when the boy's teacher found out, she called the principal, who made the boy reach into the toilet bowl, remove the material and put it in the trash.

    Elijah Hannah said that when he learned of the incident he was furious. "With a 6-year-old boy, you've got a custodian to do that," he said. The boy's parents said he hadn't had any previous bathroom problems at school.

    Elijah Hannah said that he called Steele on the Friday night he learned of the incident and that the principal returned his call over the weekend. He said that Steele was apologetic when the two men met at the school on Monday and that the principal told him he hadn't realized that the boy had used the toilet.

    Steele declined to respond to the Hannahs' account Thursday, adding, "They're a very nice family."

I will refrain from writing what I would do to the principal had he done this to my child, but it involves pushing and holding his entire head and face into a plugged toilet brimming with last night's meal of tacos and fajitas.

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So could you please enlighten your readers as to what the word "allegation" means?
Thank you.
You'll have to explain yourself a bit more. The word "allegation" doesn't appear anywhere in the story. Thank you.
You might want to read all the way to the SUBHEAD before posting. There, you'll see "his family says." Also, if you read into the article, you'd see "According to..." and "The boy... told them..." and "Elijah Hannah said..."

My trouble is that you cross the perilous bridge between viewing a story as an allegation by one party, and recognizing that story as truth. It is a sign of ignorance.
Earl; The terms in your most recent comment appear in the story but the word "allegation" does not.

I "cross the perilous bridge between viewing a story as an allegation by on party and recognizing that story as truth" ? Earl - THAT'S THE ONLY WAY THE LEFT BEHAVES. And I've always said Ignorance is best demonstrated by The Left. And I Earl, I am an Conservative first, Small "L" Libertarian second, and a Repub third.

So you approve of forcing a six year old to clean a toilet with their hands? What kind of a sadist are you?
oh this is a conservative blog? I dont even know why i wasted my time.
Where is the word "allegation" in the story, Earl...did you find it yet?

Conservative blog? I voted for Ralph Nader.
I just stumbled upon this, and am convinced that Mr. Drake is clinically diminished in mental capacity.

Hey guys, David Drake blew up a federal building with a fertilizer bomb and then tried to solicit gay sex in public. You should take this as a fact because that's what conservatives do!
Hmmm. EarlH has morphed into EricW ?

It's yeoman effort on your part - both of you, who I'm guessing are one in the same - to conclude anything about me, considering what is posted is 99% copy and paste of the newspaper story itself.

"I just stumbled across this..."

Sure you did, Earl...um, Eric, sure you did.
I think EarlH and EricW are both frauds!
Well thanks ErinB. I would say you know bullshit when you see it and aren't afraid to say so! Your comment is very much appreciated!
I'm not sure who Earl or Erin are.

What would you have done, Mr. Drake, if the principal had allegedly done this to your child?
I'd start with water-boarding him.

What about you? Pacify? Appease? Hmm..?
Actually I'm still here, and you're still an idiot.
My problem is with the title, which you wrote (the 1%)...

"Principal Forces 6-Year Old To Clean
Plugged Toilet With Bare Hands"

You forgot the word "allegedly" between Principal and Forces.

That's my problem with you.

You do not know what an allegation is.

You are a fraud.

Why haven't you replied to the questions I've asked you here in these comments?

Why ARE you still here, EarlH?

Final question Earl: Are you more proud of your ignorance or your bias?
Well, to be redundant (look it up, you probably don't know the meaning):

You'll have to explain yourself a bit more. The word "allegation" doesn't appear anywhere in the story. Thank you.
I never said the word "allegation" appears in the story. I said the story is an allegation. Which is true.

Man I'm glad I don't live in Utah.
omg! Earl. What a freak! lol

The story doesn't mention the word allegation. Why should I?

Do a follow-up on the story. The latest is that the principal will be fired or resign. Sure doesn't sound like "alleged" to me.

Why ARE you here, Earl?

It appears you are reluctant to answer whether you are more proud of your ignorance or you bias. I'll take your lack of answer as a resounding YES to both.
Thanks, ErinB. A few lunatics crawled out of the woodwork on this post.
Do you seriously live in Utah?
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