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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Pbama's Malaise Speech

"You, uh, say Malaise like it's a bad thing."

On July 15, 1979, Worst.President.Ever Jimmy Carter delivered what became to be identified as his
Malaise Speech. It received this appropriate moniker because his speech was one of gloom, doom and catastrophe. EOEarth.org:

    Though he never used the word, this became known as Carter's "malaise" speech. The public and the political pundits reacted very harshly to the speech, criticizing Carter for not offering enough solutions to the problems he identified. A little more than a year later, Ronald Reagan defeated Carter by offering Americans a vision that was as optimistic as Carter's was pessimistic. Today, many energy and environmental scholars observe that the problems Carter identified, particularly our dependence on oil and the connection among consumption, energy use, and environmental change, remain paramount issues.

It's July 15, 1979 all over again.

Monday night, cameras ready, His Excellency Dear Leader The Illegitimate Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior delivers his Malaise Speech.

Pbama has done an amazingly quick 180 from "Hope" to now preaching hellfire and brimstone that not passing his stimu-pork bill will result in "A catastrophe."

"A catastrophe."

"A catastrophe."

His use of the word catastrophe...is...an epidemic !

I think Pbama has used the words "a catastrophe" as often as - The Left exaggerated about - George W. Bush speaking the words, "nine-eleven."

Pbama hasn't offered any real solutions to the problems we face. This shouldn't surprise anyone. He and a Liberal Congress put together a one trillion dollar pork bill and want to rush it through without it being examined or questioned. .

Where are all those Fiscal Liberals who were outraged over spending during the Bush years? I bitched about Bush's spending, so did many on the Left. Why aren't they bitching over Pbama's pork bill?

Nor should anyone be surprised that the Liberals are still offering the same tired solutions today that they tried to pass off back in 1979.


Pork, What Pork?

$300 Million for golf carts, but don't call it pork. Townhall:

    The Democrats thought they could fool you by renaming the money earmarked for golf carts in the stimulus bill as paying for "neighborhood electric vehicles” and “low speed motor vehicles."

    Industry people call 'em NEV's for short. Most people call them golf carts.

    $300 million is being allocated by the Senate to buy "NEV's" and other forms of environmentally friendly transportation like hybrid cars.

$5 Billion for ACORN, the Liberal Voter Fraud Registration Organization, the folks who steal elections for the Dems.

And money for Dog parks.

Nope, no Pork there.

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I think all Obama will be able to do next is all malaise speeches.

Did you know that malaise is a French word meaning embarassing?

Didn't know that. Now I do, thanks to smart and well-read guys like you Tym!
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