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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Markets Fear Pbama

Here is how U.S. Markets closed on Wednesday, February 11, 2009 (figures from Yahoo Finance):

Dow: 7,939.53 +50.65 +0.64%
Nasdaq: 1,530.50 +5.77 +0.38%
S&P 500: 833.74 +6.58 +0.80%

After Tuesday's dreadful close the above can hardly be called reassuring or moving toward reflecting stabilization.

The Market is not impressed by the Pbama-Pelosi-Reid-RINO Stimu-pork bill. The more details that emerge from it, the more Americans are against it.

Treasury Secretary Tim "Tax Cheat" Geithner facing more criticism.

Economists rail against Obama plan. The Independent:

    Investors and economists condemned President Barack Obama's financial rescue plan yesterday for being light on details and ducking the vital questions still needing resolution before the global banking system can be restored to order.


    Tony Crescenzi, an analyst at Miller Tabak & Co, said: "It remains extremely uncertain how the Treasury will entice investors to do something they have been avoiding since the start of the crisis."

If this stimu-pork is so vital to the economy, why is so little of it being spent over the next 12-18 months, a time period where - if left alone or less regulated by The Marxists - the Free Market would recover on its own. Oh - wait - The Marxists don't want the economy to succeed or recover on its own. It must be destroyed in order for The Marxists to fully control it.

Bank CEOs Defiant. Heh, that's funny. Wall Streeters and Bank CEOs voted for Pbama. Now he's out to usurp them. (Ahem)...psssst, hey guys, did you know you can never trust a Liberal? Oh well, I guess now you do. I hope you do.

Print image, cut around and save.
Fill in blanks as needed. Erase as required.

If The Market liked Pbamanomics, it would be reacting as such. It's not. It never did. This stimu-pork will have no positive effect and far too many negative effects.

This is a full fledged crash and burn assault by Marxists to destroy the U.S. Free Market. And it's all dressed up in a pork-laden stimulus bill.

The Liberals...Killing America from Within. Didn't someone say it would happen just like this?


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That graphic? Shoiuld be "Wehere the white wimmen at?"
So Dear Leader plans to save us through inflation just like FDR did!

Would someone please tell me how the hell you can deficit spend your way out of bankruptcy?? California's pathetic economy is an excellent example of what happens when the government caters to every faggy fringe group with their hands out.

Obama did pay back some of his bankers et al supporters with the stimulus package.

However, he should be careful, I remember a great saying in my distant past that the bankers just might be thinking at this moment concerning Pbama: "Now is the time to mash the mouth that bites the hand that feeds it." Probably the same thoughts were applied to JFK...
Indeed, TC...indeed.
Theodore, The plan isn't to save us. The plan is to cripple our economy, our food and fuel supplies, so that Marxism is the only option remaining.

I don't buy into conspiracy theories, but Pbama is driving us straight into Socialism neoMarxism. He doesn't want to save us, the Free Market or Capitalism. He wants to kill them.
Funny how history repeats, part of Hitlers rise was through corprate backing as well, his were in heavy industry, but hey it did't work out so well for them either
Arc, it's repeating all over again and the Dems are blind. Completely blinded by hope n change.
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