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Saturday, February 14, 2009

House Passes Pbama Stimupork

The U.S. House passed the Stimupork bill on Friday with a vote of 246 to 183, with 1 member voting present. CBS (SeeBS) News:

    The House just passed the compromise economic stimulus package by a vote of 246 to 183, with 1 member voting present.

    Once again, not a single House Republican backed the legislation.


    The Democrats who voted against the package are Bobby Bright, Parker Griffith, Heath Shuler, Gene Taylor, Walt Minnick, Peter DeFazio, and Collin Peterson.

Kudos to the House Republicans and the above seven Democrats for voting against something that will prolong and deepen the severity of the recession. That's what this stimupork is designed to do. This is what His Excellenecy Dear Leader The Illegitimate Prednint Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior and his Fascist Regime want to do. They want to grow their power base via co-opting the economy at the hardship of the Average American people.

And speaking of Average American people, yeah, it's been a rough...what...six weeks that Congress has been back to work? So, yeah, after putting in a rough six weeks - some of which might even have been five-day work weeks -
Speakeress of the House Nanny Pelosi rushed the vote because she's "off to Rome." Drudge:

    Rep. John Culberson, TX claims the "stimulus" bill must be urgently voted on today -- because Speaker Nancy Pelosi is leaving at 6:00 PM for an 8 day trip to Europe!

    Culberson made the charge on Houston's KSEV radio.

    Pelosi is hoping to lead a delegation to Europe; there's a meeting with the Pope and an award from an Italian legislative group.

    Calls to Pelosi's spokesman went unreturned.

The calls went unreturned because the entire Pelosi staff was busy being botoxed. What's wrong with you? You don't expect the Speakeress or her staff to do the work of the people, do you?


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Gene Taylor is the Mississippi Gulf Coast representative. I have never figured out why he is Democrat, unless it has something to do with union labor at the ship building place in Pascagoula. But, you can always count on him to vote with the Republicans.
Good for him! Good angle on the union labor etc, at the ship builders. That makes total sense.
Dave, when you attempt to discuss this Stimulus Package-O-Crap with people it is very clear that they do not know the difference between a "Tax Cut" and a "Tax Credit." It is purposely made confusing because these liberal-crooks keep using doublespeak and are always labeling their worthless, shitty Tax Credits as Tax Cuts. When people I discuss it with finally research it out they get pissed because obviously they are not the same thing. We need to get the word out. Because people really believe that these are true Tax Cuts. Oh and I forgot to add, fuck obama!

I know what you mean when people finally research it on their own and discover the reality from the "sales job."
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