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Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Female Iraqi Militant Leader Held

Samira Jassim, Recruiter; Mother of Believers
Sales Pitch: "Such a nice daughter you have.
Has she considered a career in suicide terrorism? It's a growing industry."

Iraqi officials say they have arrested a senior female militant who allegedly recruited women suicide bombers. BBC:

    Security spokesman Maj Gen Qassim Moussawi said the woman was a leader of Ansar al-Sunna.

    Officials released a video allegedly showing the confession of Samira Jassim after her arrest two weeks ago.


    Gen Moussawi alleged that the woman had a direct line of contact to the leaders of Ansar al-Sunna in Diyala province.

    "She has confessed to recruiting more than 28 female suicide bombers. They all carried out terrorist acts in various parts of Iraq," he said.

    "She sent them to the terrorists, in one of the farms where they provided the suicidal women with bombs. Then Samira took the women to the targeted place."

    Iraqi militants have increasingly used women to carry out suicide attacks, hiding explosives under their clothes as they are less likely to be searched than men.

    In the video, which was shown to journalists in Baghdad, the woman said she had prepared the women for suicide before sending them for terror training at insurgent bases.

    She said she had to speak to one elderly woman several times before persuading her to blow herself up at a bus station.

    She said it also took two weeks to recruit another woman who was a teacher and had problems with her husband and his family, according to the confession.

    The new recruit eventually attacked members of government-backed Sunni groups in Diyala, Samira Jassim said.

The NY Times (so it must be true) reports Jassim was known as the "mother of believers:"

    She went by the code name “the mother of believers,” Samira Ahmed Jassim al-Azzawi confessed. She recruited women to join extremists in Diyala, escorting them to a farm for training and ultimately to their targets.


    [She said in her] confession that ... she had been involved in recruiting 80 female suicide bombers for attacks in Diyala and Baghdad, though in her own words she recruited only 28 women, “maybe a bit more or less than that.”

Comments? Reactions? Maybe a comment from one of my terrorist-friendly Liberal readers on this issue? Maybe a, "terrorists are mothers and fathers, too," moment ala Rosie O'Moo?

Maybe Jassim can do a two-segment interview that will air on "Oprah?" Oprah can shed her crocodile tears, Jassim can feign repenting and get a multi-million dollar book and movie deal. Anjelica Huston can play her in the film. Looks just like her.

Oh, I know, Matt Lauer can interview
Jassim and ask her if she agrees with those who think Jessica Simpson has a weight problem. Yeah, that'll be a ratings-getter.


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Woah. Where's the face vail. This one really needs it.
She does. And look at some recent photos of Angelica Houston. She'd be perfect for the part!
Holy shit what a cow!
Looks just like Anjelica Huston looks these days. I'm telling ya.
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