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Thursday, February 05, 2009

DC Scandal Shocker: Judd Gregg Pays Taxes

Unreliable and unconfirmed sources tell me that Republican Judd Gregg, the man selected to be the Commerce Secretary by The Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior, has - so far - paid his taxes.

Tongues are clucking in DC and the ruling elite cocktail party scuttlebutt is along the lines of: "Have you heard...he actually pays his taxes," and, "his behavior is outrageous. Who does he think he is, paying his taxes?"

This shocking revelation comes on the heels of two recent withdraws by
prominent Democrat Tax Cheats Nancy Killefer and Tom Daschle bowing out of their positions Chief Performance Officer and Secretary of Health and Human Services, respectfully.

"It's time I find someone who pays their taxes, therefore, I have no choice but to nominate a Republican," said Pbama speaking of Gregg.

Gregg once voted to abolish the agency he is now asked to run. Sounds to me like this is the man who should be controlling the scalpel that severely reduces the insanely bloated pork spending that we so desperately need.

I guess you have to find a Republican or a Conservative if you want someone without a past of being a tax cheat or employing illegal immigrants.


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Well David if we right wing nut jobs(at least I have both nuts, and a job) would remember that the past for a democrat is yesterday... Tom the Cheat would be just fine
Damn, you are an ignorant, racist fool. Sounds like the rest of you Repugnicans....just can't accept defeat. Well, get used to it...the American people are no longer interested in that same old very tired lingo......sounds like its going to be a LONG 8 years for you. Ans, yes, he'll be easily re-elected. So, so sorry for you. And, yes, sarcasm is my strong suit, too.
Jon Massey
Oxford, MississippiZ
Arc, agree. "Yesterday" is ancient history to the Dems. Biden's "paying more in taxes means you're patriotic" was only good the moment he said it. Then his words expired.
Welcome Jon Massey of Oxford, MS as the newest Dipshit in the comments section. I think I speak for everyone, Jon, that we await your brilliant analysis on each issue.

"Repugnicans" - whew, did you just think up on the spot? Gosh, you sure are quick on your feet. And so original.

Say there Delbert, what in this specific post led you to believe that I am a "ignorant racist fool" when the post has nothing to do with racism or foolishness?

Oh, times up. Bet you have to get back to babysitting the child you had with your sister, don't ya?
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