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Friday, February 06, 2009

St. Paul School Teacher Promotes
Nazi - Jew Simulation Day

Sieg Heil! Those crazy Liberal teachers and their Liberal Union are so, undoubtedly, today's version of Nazis. They enjoy the role-playing of being Nazis. We have empirical evidence of this.

And Holocaust jokes? Why, no better place than a school setting for Holocaust jokes! The Holocaust, it's funny because time plus tragedy equals comedy, especially in the taxpayer funded public school system, yes?

Yep, more proof that The Left loves them their Nazis. In this instance a teacher -
Lee Vang (Hmmm, Vang...Vang...what is that...Italian? Irish? German?) - promoted "Holocaust Simulation" events for the class room. KARE News:

    A St. Paul school official said a middle school teacher used extremely poor judgment in describing a Holocaust simulation in her class.

    Lee Vang, who teaches eighth grade English at Hazel Park Middle School, sent an e-mail to other district workers last week that carried the subject line, "Holocaust Simulation -- Live out your dreams!"

    The event has students wear yellow stars, as Jews were forced to do in Nazi Germany during World War II. The lesson requires parental approval to participate.

    The e-mail goes on to say it will be "sheer pleasure for the staff being themselves as Nazi Officers and becoming Adolfs."

    The e-mail ends: "Any more ideas? Think of your most favorite student and what you'd like to do and I'll do it to these students for you. Ha!"

    District spokesman Howie Padilla said the tone of the e-mail was "totally inappropriate" and action would be taken. He wouldn't comment on specific discipline for Vang, however.

    He said no parents or student received the e-mail.

    Hazel Park Middle School Principal Coleman McDonough said Vang, "regrets the whole thing. The intent of the e-mail wasn't to offend anyone. She feels bad."

    However some good might come out of it, McDonough said. A local Jewish group has agreed to help the school put on the simulation. "We're going to draw positives from it," McDonough said.

This is the State of Modern Education. This is why our precious educational resources are so important. This is why funding for public school is always deemed inadequate. This is why we are told that teachers have no spare time with their onerous regulations and high teacher-to-student ratio.

But they seem to find time for "Teacher/Nazi - Student/Oppressed Jew Day" for the, "sheer pleasure for the staff being themselves as Nazi Officers and becoming Adolfs."

I can't get over that sentence...
"sheer pleasure for the staff being themselves as Nazi Officers and becoming Adolfs." It's so perverted, so sick, twisted and...perverted. Only in a government setting could this happen. Only in government.

Can you imagine the outcry and uproar if this occurred in the private sector?

    Email Memo From The CEO:

    Instead of casual dress day, this Friday will be Nazi - Jew Day.

    Upper management will play the role of Nazis and everyone else will play the role of the oppressed Jews.

    Upper management will enjoy the sheer pleasure of being themselves as Nazi Officers and becoming Adolfs.

Why stop at Hitler? Have Pol Pot, Benito Mussolini and Che Guevara Days too! And why stop with world politics or despots? Have Rapist - Victim Days! Slave Owner - Slave Days!

Imagine the possibilities...a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


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Yup. Nazi-Jew day sounds wonderfully educational for future goose stepping Cultists serving The One. Now let's try Can the Leftard Prick School Teacher Day. Oh wait. The NEA won't find that one so educational. Pricks... The whole lot of them.
It's for the children, Molson...we have to keep reminding ourselves of this. It's for the children. Nazi-Jew Day is for the children. Good Christ, how else would they possibly learn?
I find it interesting that the outcome of the disciplenary action is being kept top secret.
Anony, is the disciplenary action being kept quiet? Let us know of any developments, would you please?Thanks!
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