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Saturday, February 07, 2009

Another Lobbyist In PbamaLand

Why, it seemed like only a short time ago that His Excellency Dear Leader Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior said there would be no room in his administration for lobbyists. Lobbyists are bad, Pbama told us, they suck the blood from newborn infants in order to stay alive. They rob the blind and screw the helpless. That's who lobbyists are, according to Pbama.

Yet lobbyists are turning up everywhere you look in the Corrupt Pbama Admin.

The latest is Raytheon lobbyist William Lynn who will be the Number 2 man at the Pentagon under Robert Gates. CNN:

    The Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday approved all four Pentagon officials nominated by the Obama administration, including a Raytheon lobbyist whose potential conflict of interest led to objections to the nomination.

    The nominations still need to be voted on by the entire Senate.


    Ratheon executive William Lynn was nominated to be deputy secretary of defense, the number two position under Secretary Robert Gates. Lynn was given special waivers so that he could be appointed despite President Barack Obama's ethics rules, which would have seemed to make him ineligible to operate in that key position.

    Lynn was a senior vice president at Raytheon, which has billions of dollars in Defense Department contracts. It is is the maker of the Army's Patriot Missile system and the Navy's Tomahawk missile, and is developing a global positioning satellite communication system for the Air Force. Lynn oversaw lobbyists and did some lobbying of Congress himself.

Hmmmmmm, Lynn received "special waivers...", well, I wonder what that's all about, huh? Maybe some Pay To Play hankypanky going on? Could be.

Pbama's Military Industrial Complex is functioning quite well, thank you.

"No More War For Oil!"

"Out Of Iraq Now!"

"No More American Blood and Treasure For Oil!"

"No More Warmongering Lobbyists In The Pentagon!"

"No More American Imperialism!"

Unless, of course, a Liberal steals the White House, then all the above platitudes that we've heard from The Left for the past eight years are rendered moot.

Remember when The Left couldn't contain themselves from unloading endless amounts of feces into their diapers over Lobbyists and the Bush Administration? I can't figure out why The Left is applying such an obvious double-standard when it comes to Pbama and Lobbyists. Maybe some Lib out there can explain it to all of us.


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What? Hold the Chosen One to the same standard the ravenous panty wetting leftards applied to Booosh? Bite your tongue. Plus, I don't think Chris Matthew's leg hasn't stop tingling yet.
I know Molson, it's so UNFAIR and Unpatriotic of me not to blindly support Dear Leader.

Matthews is such a Liberal suckhole.
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