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Thursday, January 22, 2009

White Powder Sent To WSJ

White powder sent in envelopes received by the Wall Street Journal. NBC New York:

    An unknown white powder was found in about a dozen envelopes mailed to the Wall Street Journal in New York City forcing the evacuation of about 250 employees from the paper's Manhattan newsroom, according to Dow Jones.

    Similar mail turned up at Harvard Law School in Massachusetts, authorities said.

    Five Journal employees were decontaminated as a precaution, said FBI spokesman James Margolin.

    At least four envelopes were opened and others were left unopened in the newspaper's mailroom, police said.

    Field tests are being done on the substance. People who came into contact with the substance were isolated.

    The paper's Web site says the mail was addressed to several New York-based executives of the paper, which is owned by News Corp. The postmark was Knoxville, Tenn., but each letter had a different return address.

    It said at least 10 of the envelopes were being held in the mailroom of the Journal's Lower Manhattan headquarters. The evacuated floor is shared by newspaper executives and editorial page employees.

    The Department of Homeland Security was monitoring the situation but said other agencies were taking the lead.

Well, considering anytime any Liberal-leaning newspaper received mysterious white powder, the Insane Liberal Clown Posse (ILCP) and The Pbama Cultists were quick to place the blame on the Warmongering Bush Administration.

So, I must apply the same standard. No doubt the white powder sent to the WSJ is part of a Fear-Mongering Conspiracy meant to keep all Americans in a State of Fear perpetrated by the The Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior Administration.

Yep, that's what it is all right. The insidious, corrupt, criminal "blood-for-oil" Pbama's Pushy Sunshine Smile Administration is behind this, make no mistake about it.
The WSJ editorial pages lean Right of Center, thus it must be the Pbama White House orchestrating this terrorist-mimicked white powder assault on those they consider their media enemies.

That the same type of envelopes received by the Liberal Harvard Law School is a masterful stroke by The Pbama Crime Family to make it look like it's not an attack on the Conservative-Leaning WSJ and News Corp, a company owned by who Pbama Cultists call Big Bad Evil Conservative Rupert Murdoch.

Behind that Pushy Sunshine Smile lurks The Antichrist. No doubt about it.

Oh - and...uh, hey - why are U.S. Troops still in Iraq? Why is the "blood for oil" Pbama Administration still occupying Iraq? Huh...I thought his plan was for the immediate withdraw of all U.S. Soldiers from Iraq? That's the platform he ran on. Why aren't his supporters treating him the same as they treated Bush on this issue?

"Out of Iraq Now! NOW, Damn it! NO MORE BLOOD FOR OIL."

Pbama's Puppet Master must be Big Oil. There's no other plausible explanation for it.


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No dammit. Now it's OK to trade blood for oil. The damn sun spots went away and it's getting awfully cold lately. Fill up those SUV's for one last trip otherwise Big Carbon Al is in danger of becoming irrelevant. Oh wait... Too late.
It's amazing how all the anti-Iraq occupation are now silent. Fucking amazing. Liberal cocksucking pieces of shit is what they are.
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