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Monday, January 19, 2009

Thank You President Bush
And Vice President Cheney

Thank you President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney for keeping us safe after the horrendous terrorist attacks of September 11.

Thank you for all the hard work that you did for America and our Allies in thwarting so very many subsequent terrorist plots post-September 11.

Thank you for the Freedoms that we and our Allies enjoy.

Lesser men than Bush and Cheney ("men" like Pbama and Biden) would have folded under the pressure and unrelenting criticism.

Under the commendable leadership of Bush and Cheney, the U.S. experienced no further successful terrorist attacks, unlike the Clinton era. One month after Bill Clinton's inaugural, the World Trade Center bombing took place. What followed was eight years of The U.S. experiencing eight years of continued terrorist attacks on the U.S. on our embassies, our Troops (Somalia, for one) and our Navy (the USS Cole).

For seven years after September 11 the U.S. was free from additional successful terrorist attacks. The reason for this is because Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney denied terrorists the opportunity to carry out their plots of additional death and destruction.

The plot to blow up several airplanes over the Atlantic en route to the U.S. from London was thwarted and foiled with yeoman work between various intel agencies in the U.S. and our UK Allies. The terrorist plot from the Fort Dix Six also thwarted and foiled. The terrorist plot to blow-up the Sears building in Chicago also thwarted and foiled.

There likely are many other terrorist plots that were successfully thwarted that we may never know about simply due to matters of national security.

The credit for this goes to Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney, our precious Allies and, of course, the brave, courageous men and women serving in the United States Military and serving in the Military of our Allies.

The Lefties forget that there is no prosperity after a terrorist attack. There is no rebound in the economy after a terrorist attack There is no reduction in the unemployment rate after a terrorist attack. There is no universal health care after a terrorist attack.

So, Thank You Mister Bush and Mister Cheney. Know that your hate-filled critics are simply a blind, fact-lacking, unintelligent, biased, subjective bunch of fools whose mantra is to always Blame America First (except when there's a Democrat in the White House).

I'm not telling Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney something they don't already know. But I know I'm not the only one who appreciates the safety and security that President George W. Bush and Vice President Richard Cheney provided to us and our Allies.

Their hard work and diligent efforts in keeping us safe does not go unappreciated.


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I was recently watching Fox news. Sean Hannity was doing an interview with George Bush. Bush mentioned how he liked to visit the wounded veterans at Walter Reed, without the media because the media made it too hard to visit the soldiers.

Godspeed, Mr. President.
Yep. And the only time Pbama visits the Military here in the US or overseas is when he can USE them as a photo/media op.

The Bush/Cheney Admin was far from perfect - no Admin is - but they are not anywhere near as bad or horrible as the Left has made them out to be over the past 8 years.

I think history will treat Bush and Cheney kindly and admirably. What are you thought on this, Scar?
It might take longer than that. I think Bush and Cheney are basically honorable men, who have been judged far too harshly in our own time. It might be a couple of decades, but I think people will start to realize that Bush basically was a good man, and a good president. We just have to give it time.
I enjoyed Bush's Farewell speech and felt good there were no blunders. I also found it admirable that he chose to honor others during his goodbye. I didn't always agree with Bush, particularly not in his first 4 years but i do respect him. I hope he enjoys a well earned rest and finds meaning and happiness in his remaining years.

I am not sure what Cheney or Dr. Rice will do. I believe Cheney is going to Dubyai (SP?) and heard a crazy rumor Dr. Rice might become a general manager of an NFL franchise (that can't be right can it?).
I completely agree, Scaramouche. Those suffering from BDS for the past eight years showed us who they really are: an intolerant bunch of haters who will not accept anyone who thinks differently than they do. And their derangement didn't only apply to Repubs, Indies, Conservatives or Libertarians. Look at how they treat Lieberman. Look at how the Pbama Cultists treated Bill and Hillary. (not that I'm defending the Clintons).

The day will come where the Libs will treat Pbama no differently than they now treat the Clintons. Bank on it.

I wanted to get home in time to see his farewell address, but did not. I read the printed version.

There are many areas where I disagreed with Bush and I blogged about them: he spent money like a Liberal, did nothing on illegal immigration or border patrol, didn't defend himself against his critics as much as I would have liked him to do and didn't push hard enough for opening up offshore drilling on oil and in ANWR.

But on defense and protecting our country and continuing our relationships with our Allies, I give Bush, Cheney and the Admin and A++.

Rice as a GM of an NFL franchise? Wow, hadn't heard that. That would be something, huh?
I heard the Rice rumor on KSTP, where I hear much of what I hear. Who knows if it is true.

Dave you know I am far from a card carying conservative or liberal but I do think the media went into a feeding frenzy on Bush. I didn't like many things: Iraq, Giant Budgets, a move toward secrecy, anti-intellectualism, Katrina response and perhaps a too casual regard for the Bill of Rights. But even saying this there was a lot to like as well: no further terror attacks within the US, Afghanistan, a realization and commitment toward Africa's health problems so they would be less likely to become Our health problems, decisiveness, tax breaks, sincere faith, loyalty,a surge of productivity at the end of his term rather than a senior slump,toughened the laws on corporate crooks, increased student freedom in public education and improved allowed for teachers to discipline if need be and suffered under no illusions that protectionism was the answer to a globalizing economy.

All that being said, when waited for a motorcade to go by during my years near the capitol I always wished Bush well (likely wasn't him but so what). I also am grateful for Dr. Rice stopping to say hi to me with her umpteen security guards.

I think President Bush has earned the right to enjoy the rest of his life with whatever pursuits he chooses. I can only empathize with what he went through "never returning to normal after 911" and know he gave his vision for us his all both where we agreed and disagreed.
I couldn't have summed it up better myself, Mixed.

I find some irony that during the Clinton years the message from his Admin and supporters was that "we" are and need to be part of the global economy. Many jobs went overseas during that time period. Now, The Left is adopting what they used to criticize people like Pat Buchanan and what they (falsely) labeled his Neo-Isolationism policy with respect to keeping jobs in the US and withdrawing from they previously advocated: their "global economy."

Spinning 180 on a dime, no group does it better than the Libs.
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