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Friday, January 23, 2009

NYC Hospital Fire: Pbama Responsible

Here we go folks, here we go. The first domestic, large scale crisis.

An equipment room at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York caught fire resulting in the evacuation of 600 patients. NY Daily News:

    Six hundred patients were evacuated from Mount Sinai Medical Center after an equipment room caught fire Wednesday night.

    Nine floors in the hospital's east wing filled with smoke as doctors and nurses in paper masks ushered patients into the west wing, said Assistant FDNY Chief James Esposito.


    The cause of the blaze, sparked in the storage area of a second floor mechanical equipment room full of paint and cardboard, is under investigation, said Esposito.

This fire can be entirely blamed on - and is the fault of - The Affirmative Action Illegitimate Prednint-In-Training Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

This is the blame-game standard The Left played and their standard used during the past eight years with Bush; whatever went wrong, whenever something bad happened, it was the fault of Bush. Well, Bush is no longer in the White House, thus, the blame for this fire rests entirely on Pbama and his Fascist Pig Regime.

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Yep. I bet Obama orchestrated that fire like Bush blew up the levees in New Orleans. You know? That leftist conspiracy theory.

And, if you get hate mail, that means you're doing a good job.
Yessirree Scaramouche, Pbama set that fire in the equipment room himself. Why he did it and what he is trying to cover-up is what we all need to find out now.

And thanks for the vote of confidence - yeah, da hate mail is amusing.
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