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Friday, January 23, 2009

Leon Panetta Is Too Old

If, as The Left said, John McCain at 72 years of age was "too old" to serve as president, then maybe some LeftTard out there can explain why the 71-year old Leon Panetta isn't "too old" to run the CIA? The fact that he has ZERO intel experience in his background is irrelevant because INEXPERIENCE MATTERS - it is perhaps the only qualifying factor - when it comes to electing Liberals to office.

Remember, it was The Left that said "experience matters" in the year 2000 election when it was George W. Bush running against then-incumbent Vice President Albert "The Global Warming Alarmist" Gore, Junior.

But in the 2008, The Left tossed experience out of the window with the 143-actual days on -the-job of The Affirmative Action Then-Candidate The Inexperienced Kenyan-born Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior .

Sugar N Spice blogger has a fine post on the "too old" Panetta. Check it out.

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If you want an even better reason to fucking hate Panetta, why not check into his daughter a little bit? I think that having someone in charge of any intelligence service that has a DAUGHTER that is an admitted Chavez suck-a-lite presents a minute problem.

Panetta is a piece of dreck.

Glanced at and am still reading the link. Holy shit, Linda Panetta is Commie! Good thing her daddy is a uber-Lib. Can you imagine the outcry from The Libs if Linda Panetta was a Bush daughter or Palin child?
And that is the PUMA site, those are the Democrats that....dang, they are the shrill lesbians of the Democrat party.

I was trying to be nice, there was just no way to accomplish that.

Did you see this story at the link (same site) you tiny-url'ed:


But reached by telephone in Philadelphia, Linda Panetta told Accuracy in Media that while she admires Leon Panetta and that there may be a distant family connection somewhere, he is not her father and that she has never even met him. “Not only am I not his daughter but unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of meeting this man who has done amazing work in his lifetime,” she said. “He and my father may have been second cousins,” she acknowledged, but under no circumstances is he her father.

BUT WHAT THE HELL- why should "we" let facts get in the way of what we want to "believe", right? It's our time now to give The Left their own medicine.

As far as I'm concerned, just because Linda Panetta says Leon isn't her dad doesn't make it true or convince me one bit. Nor should it with you. ;-)
"shrill lesbians"...uh, kind of an oxymoron there, ain't it? heh!
Dang, that wasn't there yesterday. Shoulda known, shoulda known.

But, I stand by the story, it is fake but accurate. I learned that from a professional journalist.
TD- Nah. We don't need no facts. Just what we want to believe. Take the cue from the Libs. It's more fun that way!
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