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Friday, January 30, 2009

Conservative Republicans Need Do Nothing

What will the Repubs do with their Silver Platter? We have yet another Silver Platter being handed to Conservatives and Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate with The Pbama Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package that is a huge, wasteful, fat-filled Pork Pie.

The best news yet is that no House Republicans voted for this so-called stimulus package, and that twelve Democrats joined the Repubs in voting against it. Now the bill goes to The Senate.

Dear Senate Conservatives and you RINOs too: Don't vote for it, support it or offer to come aboard if allowed to make changes in it that you would agree with later on. Campaign against it and vote against it. It's the easiest your jobs will ever be. Do nothing, don't support it.

Pbama and Congress don't need Republicans to pass this, they don't need one Republican or RINO vote. This doesn't stop RINO Susan Collins, Senator from Maine who wants Senators like her, with an "R" after their name, to support Pbama.

Do no such thing. Do not be fooled by the RINOs who fall for this "bi-partisanship" offer from Liberals every time.

Just Vote No.

When this stimulus package fails - and it will, count on it, it will - The Left will react predictably, as they always do:

1) Deny,
2) Lie,
3) Blame the other guy.

Please, Republicans, Conservatives and RINOs - do not allow yourselves to be taken in by the charlatans and shaman in charge of this failed stimulus plan.

Where's a Conservative in front of a camera and microphone saying, "The stimulus is a Failure. A Complete Failure..," when you really need one?

Step up to the plate, Libs. You're at bat. It's "Go Time!" Don't look for Republicans to join you so that when your plan fails you can point at the RINOs.

When this stim-u-pork fails, as always, Conservatives will have to come in clean up the mess. This is the classic example every time.

It's yet another silver platter for the Republicans. It's Free. Republicans need do as little as possible with it.

Just Vote No.

It's that easy. Somehow, I know they'll screw this up. I just know it. John McCain will say, "behaving like this isn't respectable." Well, Senator, look at how that "respectable-factor" worked for you in the presidential election.

Just Vote No.


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Looks like Obama got some bipartisanship.

If all the Reps vote against something, and they can get some Dems to vote against it, it's got to be bad.
We'll see how the Senate reacts. I'm sure McCain can't contain himself, waiting to enable Pbama's pork stimu-loser.
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