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Friday, January 16, 2009


Blog Free World reports on Malaysia's Religious department to act against any blogger who insults Islam.
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Two Dogs at Mean Ol' Meany brings us up-to-date on global warming hysteria and panic, even though much of the nation and the world is experiencing sub-zero record temperatures.
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More on so-called global warming and its Alarmist-In-Chief Albert Gore, Junior, from Bug Drivel.
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GuyK has a new toy, and really, these kinds of toys are the best!
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David Codrea at The War On Guns blog is always on top of what's going on with the Second Amendment and the pro-gun control lobby. This time it's anti-gun AG nominee Eric Holder, who formerly believed the Second Amendment did not confer individual gun ownership now saying, the Supreme Court had ruled that it does [confer individual rights] in the recent gun law case involving Washington, D.C.
- - - - -
Bankrupt is the post title at Rev. Z's and the list of billions of dollars spent by the federal government compared to the cost of, what Liberals whine about, the cost of the Iraq war. It's a "must read " post.
- - - - -
GroovyVic finds a screen image from eHarmony asking, "What do you like most in a woman?" Apparently the eHarmony folks didn't find any humor in the response.
- - - - -
Imagine the image we've all seen of Homer Simpson drooling, say, at the thought of donuts. Now, imagine the same reaction at a SILVER METALLIC SHARPIE. Oh, yeah, Sharpies are the best, but a silver one? It makes me drool, indeed. Plus a list of things you can't live without from It's Curtains For You.
- - - - -
TC at Leather Penguin's reaction to AG nominee Eric Holder: "Holder is the dirtiest fuck I have ever seen named to so high a post." Spot On, TC, Spot fucking On!
- - - - -
This is not the same "burn" as when you "burn" your friends with an insult, as portrayed on "That 70s Show." No, this burn had to be incredibly painful. The post title "A Burning Woody" says it all. From Butch at 123beta.
- - - - -
Dane Bramage has a very nice memoriam to the late, great Eartha Kitt, who, in my mind, was the best Catwoman ever. And man oh man, could she kick out a song. Best known, perhaps, for her version of "Santa Baby," the only version of that song that I find listenable. Kitt's verions of "Santa Baby" comes off seductive without being slutty.


There will always be some scam regarding Mother Earth. Today it happens to be Gobal Warming... tomorrow it will be that the continents are moving too quickly together and in 5 YEARS we will collide with Europe or Asia and the only way to prevent it is to stop drinking beer and soda.

Oh crap... I just gave the nut cases an idea, didn't I. How can I make a profit on this... Oh... sorry, that's my capitalist voice speaking. If you call Al a capitalist, he'll slap you... but man, aint he making a profit. :o)
Can I have run and coke instead of beer or soda? ;-)

There's always some earthly crisis in the minds' of the uber Libs. They're insane. If they can profit a buck from it, they'll do it, they have no soul, no morals.
Thanks for linkage!
Thanks for the link David! I love all of Eartha's classic stuff and remember her performing with her trademark chaise lounge. But lately I can't get the phrase "Pull the lever Krunk!" out of my head. The kids love Disney Channel.
Hi Butch. You're welcome for the link.

That story of Burning Wood...oh, man, I can't begin to imagine the pain. Wow.
You're welcome for the link Dane.

Eartha was just the consummate performer. I just loved her. And her Catwoman purr. She was the best.

"Pull the krunk"? I don't even know what that means ;-)

Gonna have to find out now.
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