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Thursday, January 08, 2009

A Belated Happy Happy, Joy Joy

A very belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone except the heathen uber-Liberals and Pbama Cultists whose hearts and blood are as black as...well, as black as Pbama's Kenyan-born ass.

Time -or the lack of it - has not allowed me to update this blog as frequently as I have in the past. Can't say for sure when this will change.

Hey, Fat Ted Tumor Head...the neck brace fooled no one. Absolutely no one.

I wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful 2009. Except for the heathen uber-Liberals, Pbama Cultists and America-haters. Join the Fat Ted Tumor Head Fan Club, get a glioma and do us all a favor and vacate the earth, will ya?

Speaking of the Fat Drunk Glioma-Head Senator (who left a woman to die while he partied on well into the night), when do you think Fat Ted Tumor Head will be in a casket?

What day do you think Fat Ted Tumor Head will get his Divine Retribution for leaving Mary Jo Kopechne to die?

Predictions when Fat Ted Tumor Head will die? I say by March 8, 2009. I'd love to be wrong about my date selection. It would be better if he didn't see his next birthday which is February 22.

Don't forget, Paris Hilton did more time in jail - for a much lesser crime - than Fat Ted Tumor Head ever did.

Add your comment predicting what day Fat Ted will meet Satan face-to-face.


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Happy new year Dave.

Fat Ted Tumor Head will die ON HIS BIRTHDAY, Feb. 22. That's my prediction.
HNY back at ya, EC.

Fat Ted dying on his birthday would be Divine intervention and perfect karma, wouldn't it? Yeah, that's a good date to pick.
Ha! Fathead Ted won't die from a brain tumor. His brain doesn't perform any useful function other than to soak-up booze which explains why his head is so immense. Now forcing Fathead to survive on food and water alone... that would be lethal.

Good post though DD. I think this one may have caused at least a couple dozen Huffpoo readers to have explosive diarrahea.

Funny stuff! Maybe he'll blame the glioma for all his bad political policies and bills he pushed through the Senate? That'd be just like FTTH!

"I..er, uh...wouldn't have been so er, uh, Liberal had it not been for mah tumor."

"I, ur, uh, wouldn't have left Mary Jo to die if it wasn't for my political opportunism...er, ah, I mean my tumor."

Honestly, I can't wait for this fat fuck to die. I know that sounds terrible, but I don't care. To quote Liberal Piece of Shit Liberal Radio's Mike Malloy: "It's fun to speak ill of the dead." And I will, when FTTH dies and especially when Malloy takes that final dirt nap. Oh fuck, I'll be too drunk to type or update because I'll be celebrating when those days arrive.

I hope the haters from the HuffPoo visit here and that they do indeed get explosive diarrahea from reading my blog.

So Molson, you gotta pick a death date for FTTH. Most of the research shows glioma patients have about one year from diagnosis to death. Pick a death date and let us know by leaving a comment. Thanks!
OK. I consulted with the High Priest of Leftardassfuckology and was given a date of 5-31-09. This date is supposed to correspond to a Tequila Minimum that should occur somewhere in the vicinity of Fathead's tumor filled head. I'm not sure that analysis is valid because the High Priest also predicted the death of 2 billion polar bears because the climate will have warmed 0.0002 degrees Kelvin, but I'm going to stick with it.
Yay! Molson, sounds like you really put a lot of research into picked the death date for FTTH. Way to go, man!

Time to sit back and wait for that wonderful announcement from the media that Fat Ted Tumor Head is dead. The Kennedy herd needs to be thinned and Fat Ted dying is a great place to start!

You don't understand, let me repeat it again: The entire Kennedy family is a pox on our nation, the world and in politics. Every single fucking one of them - except for poor Rose who was raped by her bootlegging Hitler-loving father Joe who then forced her to undergo a lobotomy.

I loathe the Kennedys, every single last one of them. If you think you're silly and angry comments will either A) be published, B) get me to change my mind or C) "be nice" to the Fat piece of shit with a glioma who left a woman to die you are out-of-your-fucking-mind-insane.

Fuck the Kennedys. I wish them all an early, painful death. There. How's that? Does that get your dander all angered up even more? Good. Great!

Fuck the Kennedys. Every.Single.Last.Inbred.One.Of.Them.
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