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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

You Are Not A Racist Not Voting For Obama

Why would Conservatives vote for a Liberal, any Liberal?

Some of those Obama Cultists out there, they're just loopy on the Kool-Aid. They want you to think that you are a racist if you don't support and vote for Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Don't allow them to "guilt" you into believing this. The Obama Cultist's strong-armed tactic of trying to get you to believe that you are a racist by not voting for Obama makes no sense, falling flat on its face faster than Randi Rhodes can say, "Bartender, I'll have another

Here is why this profoundly stupid allegation holds not the slightest shred of truth: Why would any Conservative, Republican or Libertarian vote for a Liberal?

It doesn't matter that Obama is half-black, half-white or if he was green and purple with mauve stripes.

The reason Republicans, Indies and Libertarians won't vote for Obama is because he's a raging, radical Liberal; the most Liberal-rated Senator in the U.S. Senate.

Obama lives and breathes Marxism. Who but fellow Marxists and blind, obedient Cult Followers are voting for him?

Was it Racist when Liberals didn't support Republican Alan Keye's presidential bids in 1996, 2000 and 2008? Not at all. Liberals didn't support Mr. Keyes because he is a Conservative and they are Liberal.

It's not Racist for someone who isn't a full-fledged Liberal or an Obama Cultist not to support and vote for Obama. It's just this simple.

Don't let anyone rope you into the false argument claiming that you are a racist if you don't support Obama. Saying this is nothing but a blatant play of The Race Card.

It's Obama's Bele's politics - because he's a raving, radical, Marxist - not his skin color.


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David, Great piece of truth telling! I almost feel awful that so many people feel they need to explain to me why they are voting for McCain. Even my buddy, the head of a Pennsylvania county Republican Party and a devout sincere Christian felt the need to explain to me his support of McCain wasn't race based.

Add to it all that race is very difficult to talk about in Minnesota (I really don't know why might connect to that nice thing) and this has led to some awkward moments for me.

If there is ever a time (I am not sure there is) for an explanation maybe it is when someone crosses a lot of ideological ground to vote for someone of opposing views but matching features to theirs. My Pops and a buddy of mine each did this for different candidates I actually understand why each did it. Its a free country and we can vote for who we want to without explanation!! Thanks for this excellent piece David!!

Thank your words and Amen, brother.

I didn't need anyone to tell me they weren't a racist and are voting for McCain.

Like I said, some small percent of prejudice will exist everywhere and forever. The best we can hope for is that the amount is always decreasing. And not voting for someone who "doesn't look like me" isn't racist when I disagree with that person's core political ideology.

I always said that True Liberals and Progressives should have supported and voted for Raplh Nader and not Obama. And this is based on policy, not skin color.
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