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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Why McCain Lost

Most regular readers know that I try to avoid reading other blogs before I publish anything here so as to avoid any accusation of plagiarism or even stealing the idea of another. Personally, I think intellectual theft - physical representations like images without crediting the source or creator and stealing other's ideas - is lame, really lame. As lame as it gets. So I go out of my way to avoid reading other blogs before hitting the publish button here.

I'm guessing there's tons of words being devoted to, and analyzing, why John McCain lost his presidential bid.
McCain's loss - and it was no landslide against him, not by any means - isn't difficult to explain and needn't be wordy.

1) In too many instances, he's spent his political career thumbing his nose at his own party and the general principle of Conservatism.

2) He ran a lackluster campaign. He did. Period. No doubt about it. It was less exciting than Bob Dole's 1996 presidential run against incumbent President Bubba Clinton. McCain - just as did Dole - allowed his opponent to dictate that any attack would be labeled a "personal attack" even when it wasn't. McCain, as did Dole, fell into this trap. Hillary Clinton did this too, during the Democrat primary running against Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

3) McCain failed to place the blame for the economy, energy, housing, job losses, Wall Street, Freddie and Fannie where it rightly belongs; in the lap of the Democrats.

McCain, as does almost every Republican, is reluctant to fight back as hard as attacked for fear of being portrayed as "temperamental" or "mean" by the Media. Well, this earns McCain's "respectable campaign" nothing but a nice, comfy chair next to Bob Dole and George H.W. Bush at The Home For Losing Presidential Candidates Who Ran Respectable Campaigns.

As long as Conservatives and Republican politicians keep campaigning like this, they can look forward to being the minority.

Sarah Palin, 2012! Accept no substitute.


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