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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wednesday Night Movie Picks:
David Lynch Double Feature

Oh...oh Lordy Day, if you have IFC - The Independent Film Channel (I don't) - are you ever in for a treat tonight.

IFC is running TWO, count-em, TWO David Lynch Films back to back.

Check your local television listing for times, but beginning at 8PM Central Time, IFC runs Lynch's "Wild At Heart" starring Nicolas Cage, Laura Dern and Willem Dafoe. Dafoe, as the green-toothed Bobby Peru is a joy to watch. I'm not giving anything away, but the death scene of Bobby Peru is one of the finest, most grisly and original death scenes in cinema history. And it's funny.

Then, following "Wild At Heart" is - in what is my humble opinion - David Lynch's Magnum Opus, "Blue Velvet", starring Kyle MacLachlan, Isabella Rossellini, Laura Dern and Dennis Hopper as Frank Booth, the role that kick-started his niche playing completely deranged and unsavory characters.

Film director and writer David Lynch is a genius; a complete original and Auteur in the most strict meaning of the word.

If you have nothing else planned for tonight, set aside a little over four hours, sit back, relax and enjoy two fine films.


There used to be a bar near where I worked when I resided in Allentown that was called The Blue Velvet Lounge. It was the nastiest old dive with these faded and stained blue velvet curtains. They would have a taco special on Tuesdays and a group of us would pile out of work to head to the BV, as we called it, for those tacos. They were as nasty and greasy as the bar and we loved them. When would get back in the office, the secretary would yell at us saying she knew we were in that dive bar cause we smelled like greasy tacos and cigarette smoke. It was the BV cologne. We would hang around her desk just long enough for her to take in some of that special BV aromatic ambiance. Then she would chase out of there. It was always good for a laugh. After a while someone turned the BV into a sports bar and changed the name. It just didn't work. The BV was a dive among dives. It had staying power. It had nasty blue velvet curtains and served the greasiest of tacos. It was the BV, not some damn sports bar. Well I'm not sure what happened to those blue velvet curtains. It didn't matter, after the change we never went back. It just wasn't the same. The bar was still a dive, but I don't know. Some dives need to be left alone. The BV was one of them. Ooo sorry for the long reply. Just the name Blue Velvet brought back that memory of greasy tacos. Yeah.
Molson, that sounds like a bar that would fit right in with a David Lynch movie!

BV Cologne! The "smell of greasy tacos and cig smoke." Now there's a fragrance to market, huh??
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