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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton?

So much for the promise from Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior to his Cult Followers for a new administration. All he's been doing is pulling names out of a hat for his Administration and Cabinet that includes the same old, stale Democrats.

The most recent rumor is that Pbama may name Hillary "MrsSatan" Clinton as his Secretary of State. I think this is a great idea, if for no other reason that it will completely infuriate the Pbama Cultists.

Pbama has Rahm Emanuel as his Chief of Staff, Emanuel being another D.C.-Insider and Congressman. There's nothing new about him, he's a former Clinton Administration toady.

Pbama's Vice President, Joe Biden, has been a U.S. Senator longer than has John McCain. Biden is the ultimate, entrenched, D.C.-Insider. Nothing new about him. Not by a long shot.

And have you noticed, so far, Pbama hasn't named one Person of Color and hasn't considered - that we know of - one Minority to his Administration?

Say what you want about The Bush Administration, but it represented far more a diverse cross section of ethnicity, gender and race than did The Clinton Administration and any other Administration to date.


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Please do not forget Jamie Gorelick for Attorney General. We gotta get those Muslims committing acts of terror again. It's good for the UNITY.

How about Bill Ayers for Sec Ed? That seems like a good NEW face!
Absolutely, Two Dogs!

And maybe Rev. Jerry Reich can open State Dinners with his "Goddamn America of KKK" sermon!
Hey and as long as you are documenting the Obamoron's cabinet picks, add this one.

Yee-haw! Most Ethical Administration evah II!
TD - Jarrett, holy hell freezes over. Pbama's Admin is going to be so full of crooks and criminals it will make the Clinton Admin look like a bunch of Cub Scouts.

Jeebus Hymen Cripes!
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