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Monday, November 10, 2008

Rahm Emanuel's "Combustible Temperament"

Joseph Goebbels...I mean, Rahm Emanuel.
(The difference is negligible.)

We can all remember how The Insane Liberal Clown Posse falsely accused any member of the Bush Administration, as well as President George W. Bush and VP Dick Cheney, of being temperamental and angry. The ILCP, you recall, has spent the past eight years telling us that this is part of the problem in Washington.

So, Oh Lordy Day, imagine my surprise and shock in a story from the uber-Liberal Washington Post, written by Steve Hendrix and Michael D. Shear describing Barack Hussein Pbama Junior's Chief of Staff, Rahm "Son of a Terrorist" Emanuel using the following terms:

    Emanuel's flair for the well-timed verbal hand grenade...


    His explosive style...[Oooooh, "explosive." Isn't that what The Left claimed about John McCain? - Drake]


    ...one of Washington's most combustible temperaments...

The WaPo article lists other examples of what it calls Emanuel's "thundering" and "high-decibel blasts."

A new tone in Washington? A civil tone in the White House, as The Liberals like to claim? Not so much...not so much. Come January 20, those who are the Real Haters, the Real Fascists and the Real Nazis will be in charge of running the country.


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I guess saying Rahm-me has a combustible temperament is a nice way of saying what a dick. Republicans best stop being total pussies and best stop right now. So far I'm not seeing much hope. Are Libertarians ready to rise to the occasion?
I dunno about the Libertarians rising to the cause. They have an uphill climb to get attention, or so it seems. I agree with you too, that I don't see the Republicans putting up much of a fight on anything. They'll go that worthless "we have to go along to get along" route. And that just steams me.
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