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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Pennsylvania, We Need You Red!

We need you Pennsylvania. America is calling. You need to be a Red State on Tuesday.

Pennsylvania, if you need a little reminder, here are but five simple reasons to Turn Red on Election Day:

* You were labeled as racists during the Democrat Candidates primary last year and most of this year. You are still being falsely accused of being racists by the Liberals and The Obama Cultists.

* You were told that you are bitter and that you "cling to your guns and your religion," by the most Liberal-rated U.S. Senator ever, Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

* You were called "racists" and "red-necks" by your own Congressman, John "Our Marines are murderers" Murtha

* Obama's anti-Second Amendment voting record and pro-gun control stand.

* You are a state whose economy depends much on the coal industry and we now know Obama wants to tax, fine and regulate this important industry until it is extinct.

All you Undecided voters in Pennsylvania, you need to get out and vote for McCain-Palin. You can't stay home. This is what The Cultists and the MSM wants you to do. Turn out. Get out. Decide FOR McCain.

We need Pennsylvania to Turn Red on Tuesday!

"I have not known [Obama] to ever vote for a pro-gun bill,"
said executive director of the Illinois State Rifle Association,
Richard Pearson, describing Mr. Obama as "a strong gun control person."

"Banning guns is an idea whose time has come." - U.S. Senator and Obama's Vice Presidential
running mate Joseph Biden in November 1993, reported by the Associated Press.

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