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Saturday, November 08, 2008

Pbama's Spot Under His Eye

I saw some television footage of Friday's press conference held by Prednint-Elect Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

What's that spot under his left eye? What is that? Is it CANCER? Could it be SKIN CANCER? Has that spot always been there? The spot under his left eye. I'm not talking about that mole near his nose, but we should also ask if that could POSSIBLY BE CANCEROUS.

Remember how concerned The Left and the MSM was over the issue of John McCain's skin cancer and his health? I'd imagine the same Media and Lefties want to know if the blemishes on Pbama could be SKIN CANCER!

Why hasn't Pbama released his health records? What's he hiding?

I'll anxiously await the MSM and The Lefties, breathlessly reporting on his health and any SKIN CANCER-related conditions and questioning Pbama's health and fitness in the same manner as they reported on Senator McCain.



Here's what I have for that post, Drake.

his name is OBAMA dumbass
Who...Anonymous? You mean Chimpy McChuckleNutts? Bwahahahahaha!
Let's just assume that Anon's comment reads the way they want it. David, start calling the president, President Obama Dumbass.

Anon, learn to use commas, moron.
Two Dogs,

Let's give Anony credit for spelling Pbama correctly. That was a miracle itself!
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