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Monday, November 10, 2008

Pbama Scrubs Web Site Of
"Mandatory" Community Service

Scrubbing Pbamaubbles!
Keeping his web site clean from Fascism!

We have yet another entry into the scrubbing of the Pbama web site!

A few of the past primary examples of Pbama scrubbing his web site are his deletion of anti-Military Surge Rhetoric, when he scrubbed his site from his relationship with voter fraud organization ACORN, when he scrubbed his web site clean of his rhetoric over what he called Iraq's Civil War and scrubbing his web site clean of any mention of Rev. Jeremiah "God damn America of KKK" Wright.

The latest scrub from the Pbama web site is removal of the words "Mandatory" and "Require" from his Mandatory and Required community service volunteerism. Infowars:

    As news of the community service army draft trickled out, Obama webmasters began to scrub references to "mandatory" and "require."

Go read the whole story.

This is how Pbama will operate:

Freedom of Speech=Censorship,
The Bill of Rights=Toilet Paper,
The Constitution=Fascism,

If Hitler or Stalin would have had the internet...all of us would be speaking German or Russian. The far greater danger is that Pbama has the internet.


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Fortunately, the interweb cuts both ways. He can't scrub every downloaded youtube video where he stutters his desire to spread the wealth. Those video's along with G'damn America can appear again and again and hopefully they will. Already the Lems have given the right something they can seize on. Confiscation of 401k's. That will be the Hillary Care for mid-term elections. Republicans best not screw this freebie up.
ScrubbyMcBarry? Aw, that's nowhere near up to par with FraudBama or ObiFraud from your comment a couple posts up.

I remember a time when Liberals raged against Republicans scrubbing things off their sites. Amazing how the same Libs don't say as much as a peep about ScrubbyMcFraudBama.
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