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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Pbama Meets With McCain On Monday

Prednint Barck Hussein Pbama, Junior will meet with Republican LOSING Presidential Candidate John McCain on Monday, November 17.

I'm sure McCain will be the RINO he is, catering to anything Pbama asks of him. This is because McCain ran his "respectable" campaign.

No wonder McCain lost. I've never seen a supposed Republican so willing to spite his own party and so damn eager to work with the political opposition over the years. Conservatives did not forget this about him.

Here's how I suspect Monday's meeting between Pbama and McCain will go:

    McCain: "I'll do anything...ANYTHING...I can to help you, to work with you and to poke Conservatives in the eye with a sharp stick just as I've done so many times in the past. I'll be only too happy to side with Democrats on a myriad of issues. You just tell me how you want me to vote and I'll be only to happy to obey."

    Pbama: "Thank you, John. I was hoping you'd say that and I am not disappointed."

Yeah, thanks a lot Senator "Respectable" Campaign.

I am not disappointed that McCain lost. How he expected to win is the trillion dollar question. He can look in a mirror and see the only, single, solitary person responsible for his loss.

The mission for Conservative Republicans: regroup, new strategy and plan for a Congressional sweep in 2010 and for the sake of mankind, pick a Conservative as your presidential candidate in 2012.


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