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Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Hit News

Israel will defend itself regarding Gaza. The Jerusalem Post:

    "The rules regarding Gaza are clear: If there is quiet and the time is not used [by terrorists] to prepare the next attack, Israel will keep the situation calm. But if Israeli citizens are attacked, we will use force to defend them," Foreign Minister and Kadima leader Tzipi Livni said Saturday evening.


    "Israel does not want escalation, but we cannot sit idly by while the ceasefire is breached again and again. The other side should know there comes a time when Israel says 'enough is enough'," Livni said.

She is absolutely correct.
- - - - - -
Bill limits media freedom. Prague Post:

    Aside from introducing a new criminal classification system and refining myriad legal provisions last updated in the 1960s, the new Criminal Code includes a passage banning police from disclosing the identities of minors and the victims of crimes threatening the individual’s life, health, freedom or human dignity.

    The bill also criminalizes the publication of information gained from wiretaps without the subject’s permission. Both violations carry a maximum fine of 5 million Kč ($260,417) or five-year imprisonment.

- - - - - -
Gov't gets tough on pervitin production as homemade methamphetamine spreads across Europe. Prague Post:

    In the past two years, Marek Zelený, 20, has experimented with pervitin, a local home-cooked methamphetamine, about three times.


    “At first, I was like, ‘Stay away.’ Then I said, ‘I could try it.’ I was really up from this — lying in bed and couldn’t sleep,” he said. “Then I thought, ‘What am I doing?’

Meth addiction, from what I've seen and read about it, is devastating - I am not making light of addiction. But...I did find the term used in the story, "homemade meth" rather humorous...like, is there a shelf brand I'm not aware of?
- - - - - -
Blind hit man. (Blind hit man?...BANG! "Oops, missed. Sorry." BANG! "Oops, missed again, sorry." BANG! "Sorry.") Life In Italy:

    Naples Anti-Mafia police are investigating the case of a Camorra hitman who got out of jail after doctors certified he was virtually blind.

    Giuseppe Setola was released to house arrest last spring but immediately went underground and has since been accused of leading a killer squad for the notorious Casalesi clan.

    Two members of Setola's squad were recently arrested and told police he drove a motorbike during some of the hits.

- - - - - -
Right to die turns controversial in Italy. Life In Italy:

    Italy was torn by a right-to-die row on Thursday after a groundbreaking supreme court ruling that said a woman in a vegetative state for the last 16 years could be taken off her life-support machine. Catholic politicians were quick to condemn the ruling on Eluana Englaro and promised a law that would reverse it.

- - - - - -
Aftenposten ceases its News In English version. Aftenposten:

    "News in English" won't be updated any longer, following Aftenposten's decision to shut down the service in a cost-cutting move. The thousands of stories we've written over the years, however, can still be found in Aftenposten's archive.

This is a shame. I enjoyed their News in English immensely.
- - - - -
73-yeard old woman and tomatoes foil robbery. Copenhagen Post:

    The would-be thief reportedly threatened the cashier at the SuperBrugsen store, telling her to empty her till and hand over the cash. But a 73-year-old female customer decided to intervene and began hitting the man with a jar of sun-dried tomatoes. When the robber tried to flee, several customers blocked the exit, and the man was finally taken down and held by another male customer. Funen police later issued a warning against civilian arrests 'unless they have the physical and mental strength' to carry it out.

- - - - - -
Prisoner convicted of drug smuggle too fat to serve jail sentence. Sky News:

    Michel Lapointe - also known as Big Mike - was set free three months before his scheduled release date because his 30st weight was making prison life "hell".

    The 37-year-old had served 25 months for drug trafficking, conspiracy and gangsterism.


    "But he didn't choose to be morbidly obese. This man is a colossus."

The Colossus Mike Lapointe:


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