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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Obama Doesn't Know Aunt Zeituni?

Oh, Lordy Day, to borrow Idiot Joe Biden's phrase, the Obama Cultists are saying that Barack Hussein Obama, Junior just really doesn't know his Aunt Zeituni all that well.

You remember Aunt Zeituni, she is his aunt living in poverty and is also living in the U. S. illegally. She is an illegal alien.

So...Barry doesn't know his aunt "all that well," huh?

He knows her well enough to have written about her in one of his books.

He knows her well enough to invite - and she attended - his 2004 inauguration party when he was elected to the U.S. Senate.

He knows her well enough to accept, and then return, an illegal campaign contribution she made to him. See, FEC law says its illegal for foreigners to donate to U.S. presidential candidates.

Uh, people...he's the DemocRAT presidential candidate. He has access to intelligence, he knows all about his Aunt Zeituni living in poverty. In two days Obama made sure the entire world knew every detail about Joe The Plumber. Yet the Obama Cultists are trying to spin this story as if he didn't know his aunt all that well. What a bunch of hooey.

The Obamalith. Only his Cultists believe him.
They believe him, because they believe in nothing and in everything.

Besides, it's not about how well he knows or doesn't know his aunt. It's about how he doesn't care at all about helping her financially. What it is about is that he hasn't done anything to help his aunt, he just allows her to live in poverty, just like he hasn't done a damn thing to help his half-brother George who lives in abject poverty in Kenya.

'Course, we know Obama - a millionaire, may I remind you - is notoriously cheap with his charitable contributions, so rather than helping his aunt or half-brother, he prefers that The State provide assistance. This is the definition of Marxism; abdicate personal help and assistance and wait for the Nanny Marxist State to step in. And if it doesn't, oh well, say hello to a cardboard casket and a paupers grave.

Obama plans on taking care of the rest of us no differently than he takes care of his aunt or his half-brother. He will allow us to die in the streets from hunger and poverty. He did ZERO as a Community Organizer in Chicago to help the needy.Why would anyone think that as president, he will behave any differently?


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