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Monday, November 10, 2008

Liberals Make Me Laugh

The Insane Liberal Clown Posse and The Pbama Cultists are a funny bunch.

Now, because their Messiah-Muslim-non-U.S. Citizen steals the White House I am told that I should act in a "respectful" manner towards Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

I have no intention of being respectful of The Affirmative Action Prednint. None. He's NOT my prednint. Does that sound familiar?

Short, simple and easy to understand: I'm going to treat Pbama, his Administration and his Cultists in the exact same manner that The ILCP and Pbama Cultists have treated Bush, Republicans and Conservatives for the past eight years.

If you dislike me doing this, you should stop reading my blog. Just stop. It's that simple. I won't miss you a bit. Please find other like-minded blogs that will apply a completely different and uncritical standard to Pbama, unlike they did with Bush.

Just go. Go away. Shoo! I will not miss you one bit.


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I love this post and of course when you go off on anony leftards like in the comments a few posts down. Classic.
Thanks, Molson.

The post only applies to the Libs. I know there are many Repubs and Conservatives who don't want to adopt the same tactics as The Left has used these past years. All I'm saying is Repubs and Conservatives can adopt the same tactics without taking it to a personal level or mud-slinging. They should be able to whine, piss and moan and point the finger at Democrats just as good as the Dems do. Why can't Repubs and Conservatives do this!?
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