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Monday, November 10, 2008

Here Comes The Military Draft
Thanks To Pbama and Biden

Quick recap: You've probably heard of Infowars and Alex Jones. His site and his writing was quoted and referred to constantly by Liberals over the past eight years. Everything from 9-11 being a conspiracy to G.W. Bush being "moments away from bombing Iran" was hyped by The Lefties and much of their information came from Infowars. Big, Fat Jowly Jim Ward of Liberal Radio's Skanky Miller show was always quoting from Infowars. I bet he remains dutifully silent for the next four or eight years on it, though.

So it will be incredibly interesting to see how The Left treats Inforwars now that the Prednint-Elect is Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior and The DemocRATS have an even stronger majority in Congress.

From Infowars:

    Charlie Rangle has authored a bill that may be dusted off after Obama enters the Oval Office. It’s called the National Service Act and calls for a universal draft with two years of “service” for virtually all persons aged 18-42, with no deferment for college. The language of Rangel’s bill states that “all persons in the United States between the ages of 18 and 42″ be required to “perform national service, either as a member of the uniformed services or in civilian service in furtherance of the national defense and homeland security.”

Now Dave, you say, that's different from a Military Draft. Well, you just go ahead and keep splitting those hairs and when a drop of rain morphs into a thunderstorm, and the National Service Act morphs into a Military Draft, I'll be right here to say, "I told you so."


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Will the leftards run to Canada when Uncle oBamy asks... er... requires them to serve?
Yeah, honestly. Good grief, his plan is so Hitler-esque it's not even funny. Oh good Christ if Bush or Cheney had said the same thing...oh, the Fascist and Hitler analogies would be fired out faster than anyone could imagine.
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