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Saturday, November 15, 2008

GOP Planning To Filibuster Auto Bailout

Keep feeding The Pig. The Taxpayer has an endless supply of money.

Peruse the blogosphere and you will find many Left of Center sites and blogs - some very Left of Center - and you'll find that many of them are against the bailout for the auto industry. (No, I'm not naming the sites or blogs, they're not hard to find).

Amazingly, these Left of Center sites and blogs agree with...

...wait for it...

...The Republicans! (GASP!)

Republican Minority Leader John Boehner said the following. MarketWatch:

    "Spending billions of additional federal tax dollars with no promises to reform the root causes crippling automakers' competitiveness around the world is neither fair to taxpayers nor sound fiscal policy."

He is absolutely correct.

The Democrats will need 12-15 Republicans to crossover and vote with them in order to overcome what is expected to be a Republican filibuster. The Washington Times:

    Senate Democrats, who support the measure, would need 12 to 15 Republican votes to reach the 60 votes needed to overcome an expected GOP filibuster.

    The only Republican so far to publicly support an auto bailout is Sen. George Voinovich of Ohio, a state with several auto plants and manufacturers of auto supplies.

Well, I'm sure that RINO Senators John McCain and Norm Coleman (D-MN) will fuck their own party in the ass once again reach across the aisle and work in a bipartisan manner with the Commiecrats, thereby putting the financial burden of Detroit automakers on the taxpayers.

Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidTard is already putting pretty wrapping paper and a big, sparkling bow on the auto bailout package. CNN:

    In an attempt to garner more support for the bill, Reid said an extension of unemployment benefits would also be added to the legislation.

    "These two provisions [auto loans and unemployment extension] both address especially urgent needs and seem most likely to win your support and the support of your caucus," Reid wrote in a letter Friday to Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Kentucky.

    McConnell, who has auto industry manufacturing in his state, has not said if he supports the bill.

"...and seem most likely to give us Liberals what we want...oops, slip there, I mean, to win your support and the support of your caucus." Have I mentioned recently how much I detest and loathe Harry ReidTard?

Delirious Harry ReidTard

I wonder why the wealthy friends of Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior - like George Soros György Schwartz and Warren Buffet don't part with some of their billions and help bail out Detroit? Oh, wait a minute, they're too smart for that.

Uh, hey, Democrats...are you happy with your Liberals in Congress bailing out the auto industry? You're not? Well, why in the hell do you keep voting for these Marxists, then?

If you're against this bailout, you need to make your voice heard by your Senator(s).

U.S. Senator look up by name and state is here. Contacting your Congressional Representative is located here. Tell them NO to bailing out the auto industry.


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Mmmmm. That bailout money looks mighty tasty.
It does, really..it does, doesn't it? The Liberal Mantra: "let someone else pay..the Taxpayers for instance."
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