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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

CEOs Fear PbamaNomics

CEOs fear the economic policies and big government Marxist plans for growing the size of government of Barack Hussein Pbama, Junior.

We know this is true because this was reported to MSNBC, the New Number One Propaganda Channel for the Pbama Cultists. ("CNN is so, like, yesterday and they're too Conservative," whine The Pbama Cultists). MSNBC:

    In a survey of 751 CEOs published in October, the magazine found that 74 percent feared the consequences of an Obama presidency versus just 19 percent who worried about John McCain assuming the Oval Office. The surveyed executives feared that Obama's emphasis on big government and his plans to hike capital-gains taxes on big earners would stifle growth and job creation. They also worried he doesn't understand the links between trade and growth well and that he will not be aggressive enough in solving America's immediate energy crisis.

All of these fears are justified. PbamaNomics will stifle growth and job creation. The Pbama Cultists don't want to believe this, they will remain in a state of dutiful, subservient and observant denial, but when these things happen, count on me being here saying, "I told you so."


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"CEO's Fear PbamaNomics"

Well that is unless the CEO's are from Fannie or Freddie or Ford, GM, or Chrysler. Then they love the Marxist git.
Yep. There are CEO Marxists.

Well, Molson, just smile and get ready to say, "I told you so," to call the Cultists. It will feel so going doing that! heh!
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