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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Speeding Into Marxism

We are well aware of Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein, Obama Junior's own words of "wanting to redistribute and spread the wealth around."

Obama's economic policy is purely Marxist.

Are the American people ready to move hurriedly and drastically into Marxism, under sweeping changes imposed by Obama, Speakeress of The House Nanny Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidTard?

Come on, folks, we are so much smarter than this.


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Well something is going to spread around, but it won't be wealth.
I heard voices coming from the corn David, "If you bribe them they will vote..."
The truth that the founding fathers knew was that as soon as people understood that they could vote their own goodies that the republic was in trouble...
Molson and Arc, yeah, I don't know what to say any more about these Liberal jackasses. They're nothing but hardcore Marxists, and g*d damnit, this is not the country for that.

"If you bribe them they will vote..." --Honestly, nothing has ever rung more true!
Sending on campain stuff aside... this is how you buy an election Dave
Democrats: "Free candy, free candy. Vote for us! We'll give you free candy!"
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