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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Senator McCain, Take Off The Gloves

Dear Republican Presidential Candidate and Republican U.S. Senator, John McCain,

Please take off the gloves, as you were asked in Denver. FOX News:

    During his town hall meeting in Denver Thursday afternoon, a female supporter urged McCain to go for Obama’s jugular.

    “When are you going to take the gloves off and just go at him?” a supporter asked the GOP nominee, leading the nearly 1,000 supporters in the crowd to leap to their feet and cheer.

    “How bout Tuesday night,” McCain said, alluding to the next Presidential debate.

Please, Senator McCain, by all means do so; take off the gloves.

If he fails to take the gloves off on Tuesday night, McCain is going to slip into DoleLand, where it becomes too late to take off the gloves. DoleLand is obviously Republican presidential candidate Senator Bob Dole who, in his run against an incumbent Bill Clinton in 1996, also ran a "respectable campaign" - as McCain likes to refer to his campaign. Dole's "respectable campaign" problem was that he allowed the Clinton Camp to define what a "respectable campaign" was, which for the Clinton's was "any attack against me is a personal attack." By the time the Dole Camp shook off this unfair standard that Clinton had imposed upon them it was too late to undue what was done; Dole "turning it on" too late.

Senator McCain, yes, Tuesday night is a gosh darn dandy time for your to take off the gloves. If you don't, when will you? Look, forget the MSM, they're not on your side this time. Your not the MSM darling that you were in 2000. Fugggedaboudit. Let it go. The MSM is in the tank for Obama, you know this.

Take off the gloves, Senator McCain. Please, for Country First, take off your gloves. Don't convey it with anger, but a reliance upon facts that shoot down Obama's principles (whatever they might be at any given moment) and gives people reasonable doubt about his character, which is a thoroughly justified issue.

Let Sarah Plain hit the campaign circuit all on her own, let her take the campaign state to state. She's doing just fine. Governor Palin hitting Obama with his ties to Domestic Terrorist William Ayers, Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Jeremiah Wright are completely within bounds. That's why The Cultists doth protest so much.

Mr. McCain, ruthlessly attack your opponent's record, inexperience and lack of qualifications with a smile on your face and a niceness in your voice. You have the ability to do this. Close The Deal Once from Tuesday night's debate through Election Day. You can pick up your gloves up and learn how to use them again between your election win and your swearing-in ceremony in January.

Holding Democrats responsible and accountable for their actions and judgments - and pointing it out within the context of a political campaign - isn't a personal attack, Senator McCain, so don't be roped into thinking it is.

Let's check in with Exclusive Political Analyst, Baby Democrat - for what appears to be a reaction that we've heard in the past.



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