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Monday, October 20, 2008

Obama's Trickle Up Theory

Watching this weekend's "McLaughlin Group," John McLaughlin described the tax plan of Barack Hussein Obama, Junior as the Trickle Up Theory. That was the first time I heard that euphemism for Obama's Marxism, and it seems like a fitting term.

I guess there must be something to this Trickle Up theory, since so many Obama Cultists are wetting themselves with glee over it.

We should probably give this Trickle Up Theory a chance to work. Here's what I think we will see if we do:

I bet a poor person will create a job for you today. A poor person will hire a house cleaner and a landscaping crew. A poor person will expand and grow the successful business they already run and create even more jobs. A poor person will donate money, goods and services to the needy. A poor person will contribute to charities. Poor people, who don't pay taxes in the first place, will receive money from the government and owners of bars and liquor stores will see the financial results of this wonderful redistribution of wealth. Time to buy stock in the distillery market? Sounds like it to me!

Did I miss anything not covered by the Trickle Up Theory? Let me know (Arc, TD, Molson, Bug, Groovy, Braden, etc) if I did.

Yeah, Trickle Up sounds like just the thing to put our economy back on track.


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The only thing trickling from The One goes downhill.
Bwa ha ha ha ha! His promises? I know what you're sayin'! ;-)
Clearly The One can make water flow up hill don't you think?
Arc, not only can he make water run uphill, he makes the water!!! And the hill!!!!!
The only thing I know of that can trickle up is.... Ok well poverty will trickle up...
And we will soon be there if Obama has his way, Arc. Good take.
Not all poor people drink do not mistake people who have little money with people who are trash. Trash comes in many forms you know, rich especially. So what are we to do with the CEO's who will control the money they get, the CEO's who will continue to steal from their companies. The CEO'S who will come to congress in G5's with a hand out waiting for none other than a handout that they do not deserve. What is going to happen when these CEO's waste this money too? Let's assume you know what it is like to be poor or even in the middle class, I take that back you probably have never had to live a day in your life needing neccessities not worrying about things you want. Praying for faith that God will provide like he always has before. Assuming you pray. Do not judge the poor people until you have been there. Also you made a typo on your sentence "Sound like it to me!" You forgot your "s" Good job, inform the people with proper grammar next time. Oh and poor people do still have to pay taxes.

I never said "all poor people" drink or that they are trash. Hardships affect poor people far more disproportionately than it affects middle class and upper income who have some discretionary income for a few drinks or beers. The poor do not, yet they are the ones who can least afford spending money on liquor.

you probably have never had to live a day in your life needing neccessities not worrying about things you want. Uh, you're way off the mark on that one, but feel free to continue assuming things you don't know, after all, its the Liberal Way!

I don't judge anyone, except the lack of Liberals to hold themselves and their own to the same standards that they hold everyone else.

I made a TYPO? NO FUCKING WAY! Wow, is that the best you have, to blather away at a typo? In case you missed it, I have written over and over that I am my own worst proofreader. Since you are the Grammar Exhalted Ruler, I have to ask, see you last sentence? There should be a comma after "Oh". Tsk, tsk, tsk.

You failed to explain Trickle Up, though. I guess that's a pretty tough question for you Tax and Spend Liberals, huh?
Anon... OK, dumb-ass, tell me how poor you are?
Have you ever had to support a family of 7 on $5,000 for a year???? I know allot about being poor douche bag, ever been homeless? Ever missed a meal? I HAVE!!!
So when I speak about poverty it is on a great deal of authority. In 2003 I was homeless with my youngest son who at the time was 5 yrs old.
Now I own a home, own 3 cars, and am building a business. See here is the dirty little secret that liberals don't want to talk about, being poor is a choice! Just like being successful is a choice.
Now here is the part that you don't get, if you choose survival first then you will be poor for lack of planning. If you choose comfort, then you will be middle class for lack of delaying gratification, if you choose freedom, then you will be successful, and will begin to build wealth and prosperity.
Now on to those CEO's, if their Board of Directors are watching they will be canned for having ruined the companies, if the Fed Gov will just get out of the way and allow the natural consequence of poor planning to occur then there will be no company for these CEO's to get paid.
You want to solve the issue, stop playing class envy games you ignorant fear monger, and learn a little about the subject matter you plan on speaking about before you open your foolish mouth and put your foot in it.
David, I will understand if you choose not to publish this but FUCK I hate people that presume to know me because of a demographic I fit in.
Arc. Sorry for the delay in publishing your comment. I didn't see it until today. I usually look at submitted comments (prior to approving them) in the "post title" mode not the (chronological) "date" mode, and thus I missed it.

Absolutely not would I not publish your comment. It's a fantastic reply to Anony.

Clearly Anony is just here to tweak us, attempting to perpetuate the usual lies and subterfuge from The Left. And neither you nor I will permit such rubbish to go without response.
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