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Friday, October 24, 2008

Obama Sneezes On Reporter

Will Barack Hussein Obama, Junior sneeze on foreign leaders and dignitaries while meeting with them, as well?

Did he say, "I'll wipe that off for a while," when he touched the reporter's papers? And then he contaminates the reporter's papers and hand with his germs and/or phlegm? How condescending and disgusting.

This is who you want to be the leader of the free world? What's wrong with you?

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The Obamoron said, "I was fighting that off for a while."

Why didn't he use that hankie hanging right behind him?
Is that what he said? "I was fighting that off for a while."
Okay, I buy that - I watched it again, yeah.

The "hankie behind him." Yes, indeed. You make a solid, salient point.
Hankie!!! HAHAHAHA... YA... that's what it is to him.
My question is, did he do that on purpose as a form of revenge over some questions he did not like from that reporter?

We would have to see the question that was asked just before that and the answer Obama gave.

YES! He used the reporters papers and hand as a hanky! Is that not one of the most disgusting things you've ever seen?

Well, that's how the Messiah thinks. The world and its people are his personal toilet and hanky.

You ask the $640,000,000 dollar question. And it's not like the MSM is going to report on it or tell us anything negative about Obama. Honestly...wtf is wrong with these Obama Cultists, why can't they see their pied piper is a fraud and a phony?
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