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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Obama Plagiarizes FDIC Idea

Ahhhhh, The Illinois Muslim, Barack Hussein Obama, Junior is once again caught plagiarizing. This time, he stole a Republican idea and claims it as his own. Does Obama ever have an original thought? It doesn't appear that way, does it. He can only speak what his puppet masters tell him to say and plagiarize the speeches and ideas of others.

Obama claims that part of the answer to the $700 Billion Bailout is to raise the FDIC limit up to $250,000 from its current $100,000.

On Wednesday, October 1, Obama said that increasing the FDIC limit is his idea. WISN:

    "I've proposed raising the FDIC limit to $250,000,” Obama said.

Mister I-I-I-I-I-I stole the FDIC idea from Republicans. "I've proposed raising the FDIC limit to $250,000." "I've..."

From BusinessWeek, September 30:

    Throughout Tuesday, there was growing talk that increasing FDIC insurance on individual bank accounts from the current level of $100,000 to $250,000 – at least temporarily -- might go a long way to resolving the problem. House Republicans had proposed a bump up in FDIC insurance early in last week’s negotiations, but the idea had gained little traction.

Obama's idea is not his own. Upping the FDIC limit to $250,000 was proposed by the U.S. House Republican delegation as they negotiated the details of the bailout last week. Back then, this idea was shot down by Democrats.

So it certainly is interesting that not only does Obama claim upping the FDIC to $250K as his own, it also begs the question of if the Democrats will reverse (i.e. flip flop) themselves and embrace it because The Messiah supports and likes it.

Alternately, why is Obama touting a proposal that his fellow Marxists shot down? And if Obama supports it...hmmmmmmm...oddly, it is also supported by Republicans. This must put the Obama Cultists in quite a quandary.

Time for the Cultists to get themselves a steam shovel to dig a deeper hold of denial.

Clip and save. Make A or B selection, then fill in the blank
with whatever Obama's current policy is on any issue.
Change, erase, scrub and reverse stated policy as necessary.


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Hey there - I agree, wrote a similiar article on Tuesday after Obama's flip flop on the FDIC, take a look.

Oh no, Geoff, you're plagiarizing me.

Just kidding! Hey, great minds think alike, right? I visited your site. Found some good stuff. Are you too "centrist" to add me to your blog roll? Let me know if you're interested in reciprocal links. I will do the same.

Thanks for visiting and commenting.
Obama loves to use the word "I" and has no qualms about lying while using it.

Listening to Obama and McCain at the debate showed how arogant Obama is... he couldn't even say the word "I" without sounding like his world revolves around himself and no one else matters. When McCain said "I", it didn't come across like he was pounding his chest.
I did a word count on how many times Obama used the word "I" in his Invesco Field acceptance speech the final night of the Dem Convention. I'm short on time now otherwise I'd look up the post, but it was incredible how many times he used the word "I" or its variations, "I've". It's all about him.
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