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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Obama Negotiated With Iraq In Private

Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior attempted to negotiate with Iraq behind closed doors in matters of the U.S. Military.

From The Washington Times:

    At the same time the Bush administration was negotiating a still elusive agreement to keep the U.S. military in Iraq, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama tried to convince Iraqi leaders in private conversations that the president shouldn't be allowed to enact the deal without congressional approval.

    Mr. Obama's conversations with the Iraqi leaders, confirmed to The Washington Times by his campaign aides, began just two weeks after he clinched the Democratic presidential nomination in June and stirred controversy over the appropriateness of a White House candidate's contacts with foreign governments while the sitting president is conducting a war.

    Some of the specifics of the conversations remain the subject of dispute. Iraqi leaders purported to The Times that Mr. Obama urged Baghdad to delay an agreement with Mr. Bush until next year when a new president will be in office - a charge the Democratic campaign denies.

Obama, trying to negotiate foreign policy, when he has no business doing so and engaging in activity that could be damaging to our Troops and those of our Allies. Not even in office but pretending to negotiate foreign affairs. It's clear Obama can't wait to betray America. Who does this fraud think he is?

Obama=Hubris. Remember Hubris? The Left said Bush has too much of it.



Oh the Fraudulent One has learned well from his Marxists handlers. Undermine the duly elected government at every opportunity. Then make sure another legitimate government ever gets duly elected again. Ayers and Chavez are so proud.
He should be on trial for treason. But Bush's Dept of Justice doesn't have the guts.
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