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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Jerome Corsi Detained And
Deported From Kenya

Jerome Corsi, author of the book, "The Obama Nation; Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality", was detained in, and later deported from Kenya on Tuesday. Kansas City.com:

    Jerome Corsi, the controversial author of a much-criticized book slamming Sen. Barack Obama, was detained in Kenya on Tuesday for an immigration violation as he arrived for a press conference to promote his book.

    Authorities in Kenya, where Obama's father was born, said Corsi had entered the country as a tourist and wasn't allowed to work here. A Kenyan aide to Corsi said that he was en route to the airport Tuesday evening and would be deported.

    Corsi's book - titled "The Obama Nation; Leftist Politics and the Cult of Personality" - portrays Obama as an untrustworthy radical seething with "black rage," and rehashes a host of false claims about Obama, including that he was raised a Muslim.


    Obama is wildly popular among Kenyans of all tribes, and news of the press conference appeared to spur authorities into action.

    "The government didn't want to be seen allowing that gentleman to give a statement denouncing Obama," Mbae said.

The Obamalith
He knows all.
He is never to be questioned or doubted.
Hearsay will be abolished and critics will be silenced.
Trust In Him.

An Editorial
from Business Daily-Africa:

    Tuesday's arrest of American author, Jerome Corsi, by Kenyan authorities was uncalled-for and a great test to our perceived respect for freedom of speech and thought. The arrest earned him more than he could have got with the launch — publicity and sympathy.

    Corsi is the author of the anti-Barack Obama book, The Obama Nation.

    It is true that Obama, the US Democratic presidential candidate, has roots in Kenya and is adored by many.

    But that does not make Corsi unwanted in our midst. In fact, we would have earned accolades for tolerance had we allowed him to go ahead with the launch.

    Again, if Corsi had broken any Kenyan law, he should have been taken to court. But we do not believe that the author simply appeared in Nairobi with no papers. One of the attributes of a democratic society is how it balances between competing values and views.

    By arresting Corsi, the immigration officials only exposed this nation’s failure to interrogate the essence of free speech and ended up ridiculing Kenyans as intolerant.

    Remember what the European Court of Human Rights said in the famous Handyside case.

    That “freedom of expression is applicable not only to ‘information’ or ‘ideas’ that are favourably received or regarded as inoffensive, but also to those that offend, shock or disturb the State or any sector of the population ... Such are the demands of that pluralism without which there is no democratic society.” Kenya failed the test.

Well, yes, it seems Kenya failed the test, but more importantly, it was a victory for Obama and his Cultists in silencing a critic. Liberals enjoy tethering themselves to the First Amendment, except when it comes to what they don't want to hear. That Obama Thugs silenced someone half-a-world away is totally, unequivocally Orwellian.


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The whole situation is just bizarre. Corsi was about to hold a press conference. As a matter of fact, Corsi was calling our local radio hosts for an interview about his trip, but instead, Pittsburgh-area listeners got to hear Corsi being arrested and detained by armed men.

Really weird.
It is weird, Jen. If it happened to someone who had written a critical book of McCain, the Left would be flying with all kinds of conspiracy theories and "see, there goes McCain silencing his critics" stories.
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