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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Is Rezko Ready To Talk?

The Chicago Sun Times is reporting that prosecutors have asked sentencing in the Tony Rezko case be postponed. Hmmmmmmm, sounds like maybe he's ready to "squeal" on his close friend Barack Hussein Obama, Junior. Oh, my gracious, wouldn't that send the Obama Cultists and the ObamaTards into writhing, seething, anguished contortions? Keep your fingers crossed!

    Federal prosecutors asked a judge Monday to indefinitely postpone Tony Rezko's scheduled Oct. 28 sentencing on corruption charges, acknowledging they are engaged in talks with the former top political fund-raiser for Sen. Barack Obama, Gov. Blagojevich and others "that could affect ...sentencing."

    The Chicago Sun-Times first reported in August that Rezko might be cooperating with prosecutors. Since then, the talks, and the prosecution's efforts to confirm information Rezko has provided, have been an open secret. In September, sources close to the investigation confirmed the talks to the Sun-Times but said there was no deal with Rezko.

The Obama-Rezko story is relevant because
Rezko has contributed to Obama's campaign and, what still smells like a fishy deal, that cozy real estate deal between Rezko's wife and Obama. FOX News

    Obama's campaign says it has sent to charity $159,000 traceable to Rezko's past fundraising.

    While Blagojevich was frequently mentioned at Rezko's trial, the testimony rarely touched on Obama, who has been accused of no wrongdoing.

    Unmentioned at the trial was a purchase by Rezko's wife, Rita, of property adjacent to the Obama home near the University of Chicago on the city's South Side. Obama and his wife, Michelle, purchased their home the same day that Rezko's wife closed on her property. And she later sold some of her property to the Obamas to enlarge their lot. Obama later said that allowing Rezko to do what appeared to be a favor was a "bonehead" move.

    Rezko was convicted in June of mail fraud, wire fraud, attempted extortion and money laundering. Several of the charges carry 20-year maximum sentences and while Rezko would not be expected to served that much time for a first offense he is still looking at the possibility of years in federal prison. A deal with prosecutors could reduce his time considerably.

I bet there's the hush-hush on Obama and Rezko because their background is far dirtier than anyone knows, except those in the prosecutors office and Rezko, and any leaking of it early could cause the case against Obama to fall apart. Especially that real estate deal between Obama and Rezko.

Come on Tony Rezko, sing for us. Sing for us on Obama. In return you can do your time in one those golf course resort-like white collar prisons.


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I wouldn't hold your breath on that one.
DemocRATS lie, steal, and cheat and Republicans are held accountable for it. Rezko could implicate Fraudbama all day long and nothing will ever come of it. The DemocRATS will block any investigations of their own. The RATS will instead find a way to blame Republicans. This is guaranteed.
Braden, oh you are absolutely right.
Molson, you are also absolutely right!
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