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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Is Joe Biden Fit For The Job?

We know very little about the health of Democrat VP Candidate Joe Biden. We know even less about Democrat Presidential Candidate Barack Hussein Obama, Junior because he's never released his medical records. I wonder what Obama is hiding? It can't just be that he's a heavy cigarette smoker, no...there must be something else in his medical history that he's keeping a secret. It's fascinating to watch the MSM dig into this issue - on Obama's health - isn't it? Leaving no stone unturned, furiously searching through Obama's medical history, attempting to learn the truth. But I digress...

...Because we sure don't know much about Joe Biden's health and fitness. MSNBC:

    Biden’s personal physician, Dr. John Eisold, the attending physician of the United States Senate, was not made available to speak with reporters. He did give a briefing to Dr. Matthew Parker, a Washington physician, who relayed information to reporters on a conference call this afternoon.


    ...in the 49-page series of documents is a “Problem List” identifying 13 issues, most notably the cerebral aneurism [sic] Biden suffered in 1988, as well as a 2006 “atrial fibrillation,” a heart condition that was deemed minor and treated only with aspirin. He is currently on medication for BPH and high cholesterol, and a recent examination found good blood pressure.

    Notably, however, the reports provided to the reporters traveling with Biden in Seattle and to others in Washington and Chicago did not include any significant documentation of treatment for the aneurysm.


    The documents do include a report of his treatment in ’06 for a “lone atrial fibrillation.” Biden at the time felt “irregular heartbeat through the course of the afternoon,” and reported that he felt “fatigued, uneasy and the sensation that his heart ‘wasn’t in sync’"...

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Joe Biden doesn't even know the answers to the riddles he spews.
HA HA HA, he doesn't, does he?

Biden is so arrogant he thinks his heartbeat is out of sync (where'd he attened Med school, oh, that's right, he didn't) and the docs find out his ticker is fine. So much for "Doctor" Biden's diagnosis, huh?
"Mom, do you ever feel 'irregular?"
HA HA HA - Arc! Really! Joe is a retro commercial for constipation, and...uh...the monthly visit ladies have from Aunt Flow.
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