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Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Snappy Columbus Day

I'm not going to write anything special for Columbus Day other than to note it as a legitimate holiday for a noble and fearless explorer. I do this for two reasons. One, Columbus deserves recognition for his work as an explorer. Two, Liberals hate Columbus, and anything hated by Liberals deserves to be supported by non-Liberals.

Oh, the Libs will say that Columbus was a murderous thug who doesn't deserve any recognition. As usual, the Libs are wrong. They are taking modernized morals of current standards and applying them to an age - three centuries ago - where they cannot be judged by current context. In other words, you cannot take today's societal moral standards and apply them to an age where they don't apply .

Columbus behaved no differently than any other explorer of his time. He was not a murderer, any more or less than anyone else of his time. Study history, and you will find that the Native American Indian tribes who occupied North America didn't exactly treat different tribes with a Kumbaya attitude and spirit. They ruthlessly murdered each other. That Indian Tribes in North America lived peacefully in coexistence with each other is a Great Myth perpetrated by the Politically Correct douche bags.

Here's what I wrote for Columbus Day in 2007 and here is what I wrote about for Columbus Day in 2006.

Today's Liberal History Revisionists desperately try to paint Columbus as a bloodthirsty, cold-hearted murderer when this is not the case at all. I will not let them get away with their lies.

Macy's is having a Columbus Day sale again this year! Good for them. Good for any retailer to have a Columbus Day sale and not bow to the demands of the Politically Correct Great Unwashed who seek to smear Christopher Columbus as something he was not.



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