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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Ex-Minnesota Governor Arne Carlson Endorses Barack Hussein Obama, Junior

Big whoop! Former Governor of Minnesota, RINO Arne Carlson endorsed Barack Hussein Obama, Junior.

Carlson's endorsement is about as significant and important as a warm urine sample sitting on a shelf in a clinic. Democrats hated Carlson when he was the gov, but now, since he endorsed Obama, they act like he's the greatest thing since I Can't Believe It's Not Butter. What a pile of hooey.

Anyone living through Carlson's two terms as Minnesota's Governor knows what I'm talking about.

Carlson was the Cheerleader of Panic when owner of the Minnesota Twins Baseball franchise Carl Pohlad issued his idle threat to move the team out of the state. Pohlad pulled the strings and Carlson reacted as predicted, like the puppet he is. Carlson, addressing and cowering to Pohlad's threat uttered - in my mind - his most famous line as Governor in 1998: "Life as we know it in Minnesota has ended."

Really? An entertainment franchise - and face it, all sports is entertainment, it's not medical research or technology - threatens to move out of state because its billionaire owner wants taxpayer money to fund his team and the reaction from the highest elected state official is, "life as we know it in Minnesota has ended." Sorry Charlie Arne - life does not end because a sports franchise threatens to move out of state because it may not receive taxpayer subsidies. Some would call a threat like this blackmail, I know I would. A little less than ten years after 1998, the venomous little billionaire Pohlad got his wish for a partially taxpayer subsidized stadium.

Carlson is a kook. His endorsement of Obama comes as no surprise. The only thing that surprises me is that he waited so long in endorsing The Affirmative Action Candidate. Why did you wait so long, Arne, if Obama is so great?

I'm sure Arne, as a person, is a nice guy. As a gov, to say he was loopy is an understatement.


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I love the sound bed to the "I can't believe its not butter!" link. Fantastic!
I didn't even know there was sound there until I went to it again. I just found the URL and used it. I went back there after you comment, and yeah, the music is a riot. Did you move the cursor over the women there and hear the additional SFX? It's funny!
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