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Saturday, November 01, 2008


Yikes a bajillion! It seems like forever that I've done a Blogworthy post and in the past I've always tried to publish one a week.

Well, it's been busy in the blogosphere with this wacky election, between John McCain, a War Hero and regular guy, and that Kooky Commie Marxist Muslim America-hating Kenyan-born Elitist Barack Hussein Obama, Junior...hasn't it?

Well, without further ado, an eclectic mix of sadness, shock and some smiles from the fine people on my blogroll:

You should be visiting Bug Drivel every day for some very good insight and analysis into the election and the political machinery. And for posts like this one, a humorous look at that idiot Joe Biden and that other guy making promises he can't keep running with him.
* * * * * *
Where is the outrage? Where, indeed, is the outrage? None from the American Media and hardly a peep from the Feminist Lefty side of the blogosphere and certainly none from women's rights groups. A woman who converted from Islam to Christian is beheaded. From the always insightful and pertinent Blog Free World.
* * * * * *

Two Dogs presents The BarryLand News Network!
* * * * * *
A skeleton for Halloween, Barry O'bama as Superman, Turbocharged FasterFox and Chrome Update AND MORE all found at Butch's 123Beta.
* * * * * *
GroovyVic has spotted something we all should investigate: Yo Gabba Gabba...Barack Hussein Obama...Yo Gabba Gabba.
* * * * * *
Len at Rite Turn Only celebrates the Conservative Party recent victory in Canada.
* * * * * *
The most powerful drug of all is power. David Codrea at The War on Guns.
* * * * * *
The Wide Awake Cafe brings us something that might be more absorbent than Bounty the quicker picker-upper. It's the Barack Obama Sham Wow! Don't miss it!
* * * * * *
Bryan at Point B has the scoop on the latest Matt Damon "Bourne" sequel.
* * * * * *
Abe asks, between John McCain and Barack Obama, Who Should We Trust On Economic Policies?
* * * * * *
Please welcome a new addition to my blogroll, Right U R.
* * * * * *
GuyK and his lovely wife celebrate an anniversary. Stop by and wish them Happy Happy, Joy Joy.
* * * * * *
Clint Heine reports on Nasty campaigning in New Zealand.
* * * * * *
Molson has a fine eye for photography and has uploaded some fine new images at Hiking Colorado. (Make sure you click on the images there to enlarge).

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That'd be "policy" rather than "police"... But I suppose if Obama wins we could end up facing the Economic Police. :)

Thanks for the link.

Thanks for linkage!
Thanks for linking BFFW, DD.
I have sent you an email.
Thanks Abe. I've fixed that. I am my own worst proofreader, although I am great at proofing other people's writing. Go figger!
You're welcome, Me/Butch!
You're welcome Claudia. Take care, be well!
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