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Thursday, September 18, 2008

U.S. Embassy In Yemen Terrorist Attack

From al-Reuters:

    Two suicide car bombers set off a series of explosions outside the heavily fortified U.S. embassy in Yemen on Wednesday, killing 16 people, a Yemeni Interior Ministry official said.

    The U.S. State Department said the bombings bore "all the hallmarks" of an al Qaeda attack but the United States had not yet concluded who was to blame.

    Islamic Jihad in Yemen, a group some Yemeni analysts say is linked to al Qaeda, claimed responsibility for the attack, in which other militants armed with assault rifles and rocket propelled grenades tried to storm the embassy.

    "We, the organization of Islamic Jihad in Yemen declare our responsibility for the suicide attack on the American embassy in Sanaa," Islamic Jihad said in a statement, adding it will carry out more attacks in the future.

I don't know how this could happen when the Liberals and Progressives tell us that there are no terrorists and that it's the U.S. who is the terrorist and the agressive nation. This is a mystery, sure enough.

Maybe Barry can travel to Yemen and negotiate with the terrorists and convince then to convert to more peaceful ways of protesting, like William Ayers and Bernadine Dorhn. Oh...wait...

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Now DD you know Peloshit says this is just another example of 8 years of failed Bush policies. Well if she hasn't, I'm certain she will. Terrorists had nothing to do with it. Do terrorists even exist in Peloshit's world? Oh wait. That would be Palin. I guess terrorists do exist in Peloshit's world. Sorry. My bad.
Molson, Every day I manage to get a little more angry with the Dems, just when I thought I'd reached the zenith.

Peloshit wouldn't know a terrorist if it crawled up her botoxed twat. Fucking cunt that she is.
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