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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

She Slapped Him So He Slapped Her

So...what do you think about when a man slaps a woman who first slapped him? TMZ:

    All hell broke loose on an Indian game show when a male contestant got slapped by a woman -- and then fired back!

Hit the link because I didn't see any embeddable code available. Some comments, and there's a lot, say that it was totally acceptably for the guy to hit the gal, and that the crew overreacted.

What do you think?

So much for turn the other cheek. She didn't really slap the guy. OK. Technically she did, but please. She barely touched him. He didn't hold back though. Maybe they should stick with hurling insults in the future although I'm not sure I get the point of the game show in the first place. Could be that it was the Indian version of the Keith Olberwiener variety show.
Yeah Molson, the Indian Version of the Keith Olberwiener show - heh.

I think the crew came down on the guy too hard. As for slapping her...she was just obnoxious but, and then again ya shouldn't hit back but....

...I dunno. She had to know it was coming? Maybe? I think? I dunno.
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