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Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin-Charlie Gibson ABC
Interview Set For Friday

I thought I heard where the Charlie Gibson interview with Republican Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin would run Thursday, but this says it runs on Friday night, 10PM Eastern Time, so... I guess it's Friday night.

Charlie Gibson, though a tool for the Liberal Owned Media, isn't as much of a tool as is George Stephanopoulos, who eagerly stepped forward to correct Barack Hussein Obama, Junior's recent admission of his Muslim faith.

Some Obama Cultists think Gibson is a traitor because...because...are you ready...Gibson dared to ask Obama some though questions in a Democrat primary debate. Why, it's just awful that anyone has the audacity to question The Prophet From Illinois, isn't it? How dare a debate moderator ask The One a question, goes the thinking of the Obamaniacs.

Are the Obama Cultists scared, or what? Scared and frightened to death.

The Obamalith. Question It Not. It Knows All. Trust In It. Do What It Says.


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