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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Polls Trending Favorably For McCain,
Will His Win Be A Landslide?

Republican Presidential John McCain surges to a 20 point lead in North Carolina over Democrat Presidential Candidate Barrack Hussein Obama, Junior.

    In 3 previous SurveyUSA NC tracking polls, McCain had led by 8, 5, and 4 points. Today: 20. McCain has gained ground in every demographic group.

Gallup Daily tracking poll has McCain with steady 5-point lead.

Obama should throw in the towel. He can't win, he can't close. Sort of the same thing his Cult Followers were saying about Hillary all the time she was winning the window of the primaries.

Here's something scary for all you little Obama Cultists to do. Go to Google blog search and type in the words McCain Landslide. Then shake and quiver in your boots.

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I think McCain will win the election and have a heart attack at his victory speech. Then Palin will be in the White House and God knows where we will be when that time comes.
I hope the second family baby pictures are better than Jamie Lynn Spears' baby pictures. I hope they get more money for theirs than she did, too.
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