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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Obama Heckled By Blacks In Coral Gables

Hysterical! LOL!

The Illinois Muslim was heckled by young, black Americans during his appearance in Coral Gables, Florida. They know he's full of shit and aren't buying what he's selling:

Video also playing here.
AFP story here.

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This is what everyone needs to see... that it's everyone who know's he's wrong.

And then they get kicked out...

But did you see the look on his face? He was mad and some day this guy is going to blow up and the question is... do we want him blowing up in the white house?
He can't contain or mask his anger at all, can he? Yeah, he's a bitter person. I think he's going to go unhinged soon and then everyone will know what he's really like.
Husband and I both thought it was priceless that Barry O! was heckled. This should happen at every speech he gives.

Thing is, were his responses to the hecklers on the teleprompter?
No doubt Groovy - if it's not on a teleprompter, Barry doesn't know what to say! Excellent point!
You know those hecklers were just racists planted by the GOP... probably sent there by George Bush!!!
Oh, Arc, yes, no doubt! Bush isn't smart enough to send them there, but Cheney - Darth Cheney - from his undisclosed location sent them to Coral Gables. Absolutely!
We were talking about this clip last night.

If you have to review it again, forget about the protesters and take note of Barky's demeanor.

First, he tries to sound authoritative. Then he tries to broker a deal. Finally, he mocks them, when they're no longer a danger to him or his message.

He's big on our image to the other nations. How would these childish tactics and ghetto-style grandstanding play to world leaders during serious negotiations and public appearances?

Yet, when he's out pressing flesh and kissing babies, he seems increasingly cold, disconnected from the folks around him, the flat-affect stare that belies his shit-eating grin. He'll do what he has do in order to "get over", and go to any lengths to get his "prize".

Many of us don't want this empty suit representing our nation in any way, shape, or form.

We're turning this whole "McGrampy" meme upside its own ass by declaring this cynical, arrogant manipulator the third term of Bush (the public aspect, anyway).

No matter how partisan any American is, you can take their most obvious weaknesses, whether it be Newt or Chappaquidick Ted, and draw parallels to Obama's lack of qualifications and emotional immaturity.

When the Barkster told us he was a "blank slate", I don't think he envisioned this particular outcome...

Good points.

Obama does look like indignant, that anyone had the chutzpah to challenge him or interrupt him let alone heckle him. It's a "who do you think you are to interrupt me" kind of thing going on with him.

I hate redundancy, but I wouldn't like Obama if he were a Conservative, Indie or Libertarian. I think I'm pretty fair and balanced across the board.

There's nothing there with Obama. And yeah, pressing the flesh and kissing babies - he seems to go thru the motions because he HAS TO, not because he feels a connection to his supporters.
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