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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Knut's Keeper Thomas Doerflein Dies

Thomas Doerflein and Knut

Thomas Doerflein, tha man at the German zoo who raised polar bear cub Knut has died. Digital Journal:

    The sweet man who was known for hand-feeding the Berlin born polar bear cub, Knut, died in his Berlin apartment earlier this week from a heart attack. Thomas Doerflein has taken care of Knut since his mother abandoned him in 2006.

    The man who served as the mother to the famous rejected polar bear, Knut, was found dead in his apartment in Berlin just two days ago. Details regarding his death had initially not been released however, the Press Association did say:

    A statement from Berlin prosecutors said Mr Doerflein suffered a heart attack and that "other causes of death, in particular involvement by another party, are ruled out from a medical point of view".

    44-year-old Thomas Doerflein became famous for taking care of Knut after the infant cub was rejected by his mother at a Berlin zoo in 2006.

    Knut created quite an international stir when a tabloid printed a supposed quote from an animal rights activist calling for the rejected cub's death. In light of the "Knutmania" that swept the nation following the outrage over the horrible statement made by Frank Albrecht, Thomas Doerflein adopted the mothering role and hand fed Knut.

    A photo story being run in The China Daily tells of a long friendship between the two, calling him:

    "a good-natured man with a thick black beard, [who] became an improbable sex symbol for his devoted care of Knut and won fame himself for his playful games with Knut before large crowds of adoring fans."

Here's the link to The China Daily story, which has a sweet and precious collection of photos of Thomas and Knut. You don't want to miss it.

Condolences to the family, friends and fans of Doerflein and, of course, Knut.


In a related story, Knut was found dead due to acute global warming which is of course lethal to polar bears. Oh wait. No. Sorry. That was a fur ball that Al Gore coughed up during his latest the Earth has a fever rant. Knut is fine.

Doerflein done good though. Rest in peace Thomas.
Gore coughing up a furball. No shit!

Yeah, did you see Doerflein rough-housing with Knut when Knut was grown? Man, that would scare the shit out of me. One swipe from those claws and you're talking a major blood-letting that could've led to certain death. But Doerflein had the bond with Knut. He did "do good", I agree, especially when all those mother fucking fucktards were calling for Knut to be euthanized. Fuckers. I hope there's a special place in hell for those people.
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