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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Jim Ward: A Lying Sack Of Liquid Crap

Jowly Jim Ward is the Z-list vocal impressionist on Liberal Radio's Skanky Miller

Oh, he told a whopper of a lie on Wednesday's program. It was in the last five minutes of the program, so 55 minutes into the third hour.

Jowly Jim Ward said, "Obama voted against the war in Iraq."

I wonder how Obama could do this, since he wasn't a United States Senator at the time the vote was taken? Explain this to us Mister-I-Can-Only-Stutter-When-Speaking-Extemporaneously-I-Only-Sound-Half-Assed Coherent-With-A-Script?

Do tell, Jowly, please do tell, how in the hell Obama voted against the war when he wasn't a U.S. Senator.

Jowly Jim Ward is a lying, lying, lying sack of liquid crap. And it's people like Jowly who bitch and complain that it's the Republicans who lie? Is that a reserve of emergency hypocrisy you've got stuffed inside your triple chins?

Jowly Jim Ward: Tin Foil Hat Wearer, Conspiracy Believer (only when it applies to so-called Republican conspiracies), all around hater and a Lying, Lying, Lying Sack of Liquid Crap.

Hey Jowly, when is your next "absolute certain prediction date" that the U.S. will attack Iran? You've made so many in the past that haven't come true you're almost due to get it right by accident. I've documented all his failed "on this day the U.S. will attack Iran," predictions. Read all about them by clicking on the below Label Jowly Jim Ward.

You know, I'd have no problem with people like Ward if they'd simply admit that they are Marxists, that they hate America and that instead of attacking those they consider their political opponents on issues rather than attacking them personally. At least this way Jowly Jim Ward, the reformed wino, would be honest with listeners. But he can't do this. He can't because he's a lying, lying, lying sack of liquid crap.



Always the cynic, aren't you, David? Hey, have you checked out the articles I have written. I've been improving them. I'm a man of mystery. Everyone loves a good one, doesn't he? Take care, David.

Hey Nick, I asked what you want to be listed as on my non political blogroll, as NickOhio or the blog title which at the moment escapes me. I'm short on time tonight and logging off after this comment.

You're other comment isn't going to be published, I am sorry to say. If you want to promote divisiveness about a 17-yr old girl, you shall have to do it on your own blog.

You're a man? (Ahem...) Of Mystery, you say? Hmmmmmmmm, sounds kinda gay, Nick. LOL!
I want to be listed as the blog title "The Dicast". Kind of gay. yeah whatever. LOL!
Yeah, next time I think I'm going to do a divisive piece about a 17 year old girl. LOL! The blog's name is The Dicast. How hard is it to say? It's two syllables. A dicast is the equivalent of a juror in ancient Athens. Every year 6,000 ancient Athenians were called upon to do court services related to the modern day judge and jury.
So how old are you anyway? I don't think I have ever asked. Nor have I asked what you do for a living. Apparently this is one of your prized works. The work of a cynical conservative---would that be pleonastic or oxymoronic?
I shall list you as The Dicast and I an presuming it should be under the apolitical sub-heading of the blogroll? Or will you be writing about poltics? If so, let me know.

I do miss your baseball blog. I enjoyed it very much.

I am 30-ish-ish. My profession will remain unidentified. No big deal, but this is not a personal blog (of mine). If I were writing a personal blog, then that would be fair territory to disclose and discuss.

I never spell check or grammar check my comments, so please, no Grammar Nazi attitude from you on what I write in comments responding to others.
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