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Thursday, September 04, 2008

If Only Obama Was Alaska's Governor

One would think that the Obama Cult Followers and The Insane Liberal Clown Posse would be happy - ecstatic, even - with the choice of Alaska's Governor Sarah Palin by John McCain as his running mate.

If Palin is as unqualified as The Left claims, they should be pleased. They should be pleased that the McCain-Palin ticket will be easy for The Affirmative Action Candidate and his Bad Hairplugs running mate to beat.

But The Left isn't pleased. They're scared. Sarah Palin terrifies them. The Left is scared to death of Sarah Palin. Feminists are frightened to death of her. Oh yes, The Left is in full throttle panic mode.

Her choice as McCain's VP makes the Obama Cultists pee their diapers in fear. All you have to do is listen to Liberal Talk Radio and peruse the Lefty side of the blogosphere and you'll conclude that The ILCP and the Obama Cultists are afraid of Governor Palin.

If only Obama had the experience and background of Sarah Palin...if only...this is what has his Cultists in apoplectic fits. This is what has Obama Cultists fuming and furious; enraged that some relatively unknown governor upstages The Affirmative Action Candidate.

Naming Palin as his VP pick by McCain isn't so much of a play for Hillary voters than it is McCain pitching The Left a curve ball that they never expected. The selection of Palin has knocked the Obama-Bad Hairplugs Ticket from the top of the news cycle since last Friday when McCain announced Palin as his running mate.

Instead of rejoicing in McCain picking an "inexperienced candidate" as his running mate, The Left writhes in agony; attacking Palin personally, attacking her family, attacking her background, creating lies and lobbing accusations that - if they were said about a Liberal woman by Republicans - would have them whining and crying and Playing The Sexist and Chauvinist Cards.

If Palin is such a poor choice for the VP slot, The Left and the Obama Cultists should be pleased. But they're not. They are reacting with unprecedented visceral attacks and criticism on everything except what matters. Please keep up the attacks all you Obama Cultists and Palin-Haters. Go wild, go nuts, go balls-to-the-wall in overdrive mode in attacking Palin. You do this even though The Affirmative Action Candidate has asked you not to do this. You are so engulfed in your own meaningless lives filled with hatred that you cannot even do what Your Messiah asks of you. This only reinforces the truth that you are rank haters who can't intellectually debate issues, thus you stoop to the lowest life form in antics from below the gutter. You're not gaining any converts to your side with your attitudes, so please, please, keep it up. Keep it up.

The ILCP and the Obama Cultists are desperate; they are desperate as can be. They see what they believed as the unchallenged crowning of The Affirmative Action Candidate as their king slipping away, all because of a lovely, smart, experienced, tough Hockey Mom from Alaska.


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As an English major, David, it should read "If only Obama WERE Alaska's Governor." It's the past subjunctive form of "to be." You have it in past indicative. It's like that because it is contrary to fact. Hypothetical clauses that are contrary-to-fact take a past subjunctive verb. Although, "to be" is the only verb in English that differs between past subjunctive and past indicative. Any other verb in past subjunctive would look the same as if it WERE in past indicative. Take care.
Sorry about that grammar nazi comment, David, but it's the English major/pedant in me. When people put the past indicative when is should be the past subjunctive, it drives me crazy. I just saw a question written out on TV to its viewers today that said, "If your neighbor's dog was barking late at night, would you call the police?" That drove me nuts because it should be, "If your neighbor's dog WERE barking late at night, would you call the police?" Oh well, you may keep it I suppose if you so choose. Take care. I've been waiting for a new post or something. What's taking you so long, David?
Still the overzealous, liberal-hating, ultraconservative toady, aren't you, David? I looked at your profile. Very humorous---the whole "bodies of the liberals" burning while toasting marshmallows. I may not be conservative in views, but even I find that funny. Although, don't worry, as of now, I have no interest in voting Obama either. Maybe I'll be changed but, without Hillary, I seriously doubt I'll be wooed back this election.
Nick, you are correct, it should have been WERE. Not a problem with you being a Grammar Nazi - I understand. Tho it is not as intense as your English major, I have a Minor in journalism and like to think that most of the time I get it right, but WERE and WAS does confuse me sometimes.

"overzealous, liberal-hating, ultraconservative toady" ?? Oh, Nick, you are so tolerant. I don't hate Liberals as people - except for Mike Malloy - I hate the ideology. I'm far from being an ultraconservative, you should know this by now since you were one of the early reciprocal linkers. I'm and independent Conservative and small "L" Libertarian. I've written this many times.

I'm please you find the "toast them on the flames from the bodies of burning liberals" funny; many people take that without a sense of humor.

So you were a Hillary supporter? That's unfortunate. Actually, I would feel that our nation is safer and more secure from threats with her in the White House than I do with Obama.
Okay, maybe you are not an ultraconservative, but I have to admit that the answer in your profile makes me wonder. Oh well, I'm glad to be back. A minor in Journalism---and the WAS/WERE thing confuses you---hmmmm....that seems oxymoronic, doesn't it? Come on, you still haven't changed the title.

I think I'm going to write Hillary's name on the ballot when I go to vote. These two are so bad. Obama thinks he's the second coming of Christ and that he is going to CHANGE America (wonder what he could do with the interior of the Oval Office?) whereas McCain, well, he reminds me too much of Bush and I hear his arteries hardening from my house. Either way, both candidates won't survive the first term, whichever one might be elected.
I think Obama will be a threat to our country if he be elected as President. That is my sentiment, though. I wouldn't elect him dog catcher if I were in charge of the whole thing. Although, the Civil War remnant, McCain isn't much better. I think he still calls them "colored people." What do you think?

Well, I haven't changed the title from "was" to "were" because that can change and de-link any feed or other site that links to it, or from any feed. (Changing the post title can change the URL).

If you've been paying attention over the past year, I have consistently written that I am no supporter of McCain. His choice for VP, Sarah Palin, is slooooooowly inching me in rethinking my decision to sit this election out, which is what I still think I will do.

Oh, please, I don't think McCain calls "them" colored people. And why would you refer to Blacks as "them"? That doesn't sound very tolerant.

Will your new blog contain your same anti-Semitic rants and your hatred of Jews as did Baseball Is Life? Are you an anti-Semite, Nick?!
HAHAHAHA! No, I'm not an anti-semite. When was it anti-semitic? Just because I mentioned that I had called some people that. Let's keep that on the down-low...HUSH HUSH! I'm just making a point. Baseball Is Life still exists. I just don't let anyone read it...well I read it but no one else.
I replied to your comment on the other post, basically saying that I recall a rather heated exchange at your Baseball blog with a commenter over you calling him a "f---ing Jew." Or something like that.

No, I am not Jewish, dude, I'm Italian. I thought I told you that once a long time ago.
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